How to Maximise Customer Retention

For many businesses these days, the internet is proving to be an ideal way to target and sell to any prospective customer base. However, with the wide range of competitors on the internet, how can you be sure you are doing all you can to keep your customers loyal to you? Adhering to the following tips should help you maximize your customer retention and keep a solid customer base, giving you time to work on attracting new buyers to your site.

Offer free shipping on items purchased – One thing that is guaranteed to annoy almost any customer is having a large postal fee tacked on to the final price of their goods. Customers are sure to feel a little cheated if they go through the payment process thinking they are paying a certain amount, only to find it increase at the last second with additional fees. You can do your part to make them feel secure with your site by stating clearly that there are no fees for postage on any of your items. Although you will have to pay the fees yourself, you will more than make up your costs with your return business.

Provide discounts on multiple purchases – If you are selling items that are used frequently, one way you can draw customers back is by offering savings depending on how much they buy. Three-for-two offers are always popular, as are buy-one-get-one-free deals. Offering visitors to your site regular discounts will show them that you value their custom and will encourage repeat visits.

Make contact after the initial purchase – It can be easy to forget about customers after they buy from your site. However, by targeting your direct marketing initiatives you can maintain interaction with customers and keep them interested in your site. An email address is perfect for this, so be sure to make your customers provide one when they sign up.. Email your customer base regularly and provide them with details of upcoming special offers and new product launches. You can also offer incentives such as discounts and online coupons for them if they introduce family and friends to your site. If nothing else, make sure you email your customers after they purchase something to thank them for their visit to your site.

Utilize CRM software – One of the best ways to keep customers returning is to manage your customer database with CRM software. These programs automate a lot of the processes behind good customer management for you and have a wide range of applications. CRM software uses key data about your customers to contact them at the most opportune times regarding future offers, as well as offer predictive analysis on when customers are most likely to buy from you again and the possible amounts they will spend.

Maximizing your customer retention rate is a key area for any business that is looking to grow. By offering visitors to your site special offers, as well as contacting them regularly to provide them with useful content, you can be sure to increase your company’s potential of generating return business.

This guest article was written by Workbooks, leading supplier of web-based CRM software.

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