Making The Perfect Sales Pitch: Turn A Potential Client Into A Paying Customer

It makes no odds what type of business you work in; profits are typically associated with both sales and new customers.  Perhaps, you are part of a sales team, but your overall performance could do with a little boost.  One of the best ways to turn potential clients into real, paying customers is to concentrate on your actual sales pitch and the ways in which you can improve it.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

This can generally be achieved through additional training and further practice, although the best sales pitches will always be well-organised and of interest to your customer.  Your prospective client should also feel like an individual and therefore they should believe that you are actually engaging in conversation with them, as opposed to simply reading from a script.  Possibly the most important aspect of any sales pitch is to focus on the benefits that apply to the customer sitting in front of you.

Linking Benefits to Your Client’s Needs

Your first step should always be to link the benefits that your company offers with the specific client’s needs.  Take some time to think about the problems your client may face and how your business can provide solutions to these problems.  You can either list these benefits to the client or prepare a short statement that will tell them specifically the benefits they will receive.  An example of this could be that your client may be worried about the initial cost of a product or service you provide.  Therefore, the benefits could be explained by showing the potential costs the client would incur if they didn’t use your business’s product or service.

Always be Prepared

Preparation is crucial in sales.  It’s a good idea to have a specific set of responses tailored to different types of clients.  Imagine if your business sells a wide variety of services or products, you could prepare a list of the different benefits for every type of client you are likely to encounter.  This will allow you to have tailored responses to every client’s needs.  The main benefit to you of this type of preparation is that you will definitely come across as knowledgeable and professional; something which most people will be impressed by.

Use Active Questioning and Listening Skills

Another critical part of any sales pitch is asking your prospective client questions and, of course, carefully listening to their answers.  This will help you to identify how this person can actually benefit from the services or products you have to offer.  In fact, use this as an opportunity to explain how your business can solve a particular problem they face and indeed the advantages you hold over their current providers.  Prospective customers are far more likely to do business with your company if they feel you understand the problems they face.  They are also more inclined to do business with someone who appears genuinely interested in what they have to say, rather than a company who is solely interested in talking about what they have to offer.

Focus on What is Important to Your Client

You should always focus solely on the benefits of your products or services that apply specifically to the client in front of you.  There is absolutely no point in speaking about the benefits that don’t relate to your customer, as they are likely to lose interest.  A prime example of this may be that although you offer the lowest price in the marketplace your potential client is disappointed with the level of customer service they currently receive.  This is an ideal opportunity for you to focus on the customer service benefits your company can offer them.

About the Author: Pipa Rose is a writer who understands the importance of good communication when speaking to potential clients. She strongly believes that all business employees should undertake in regular communication skills training, as this will have a positive impact on overall profitability.

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