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Promotional Items to Consider in 2013

When people think of promotional items, they think of popular items such as t-shirts and tote bags. And while the most popular promotional items in 2013 continue to be fashion accessories such as clothing and sunglasses, as well as functional items such as water bottles and tote bags, the landscape for promotional items in 2013 is changing. Although these items will continue to have prominence in 2013, they all have a modern spin.  Therefore, promotional companies have to adapt to the new year by offering fresh and innovative versions of their old products.

promotional items trends
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Tote Bags

One promotional item to consider in 2013 is the tote bag. Tote bags continue to grow in popularity because of their lightweight design and versatility. Also, environmentally conscious consumers like tote bags because they replace several plastic bags by being stronger and having a higher capacity. Tote bags can have many uses, including being used as a purse, grocery bag, or lunch bag.

One very popular tote bag for 2013 is the BYO lunch bag. BYO lunch bags are tote bags made of neoprene, a soft and stretchy fabric. One reason they are popular is that the bas are insulated in order to maintain the temperature of the items inside.  BYO lunch bags are also popular because they are environmentally friendly.

Water Bottles

Water bottles appeal to everyone because we all need water to survive. One reason water bottles are popular is because buying plastic water bottles at the store becomes expensive when done on a consistent basis. Therefore, reusable water bottles are popular because they save people money while being ecofriendly. While water bottles are still popular, new designs are beginning to arrive on the market. CamelBak water bottles and tin canisters are replacing old-fashioned plastic water bottles. Promotional water bottles appeal to people because they can be ecofriendly, fashionable, and thrifty at the same time.


Who doesn’t love a new pair of sunglasses? Sunglasses are fun promotional items that are bound to please everyone. Today, sunglasses are used for much more than protecting your eyes from the sun. In addition to protection, sunglasses have morphed into fashion accessories. Stores have sprung up that specialize in selling designer sunglasses. Therefore, sunglasses make for great promotional items because there is a huge market for them.

Multifunctional Items

We live in a society where everyone has to double task. Also,smart phones have imbedded the notion that everything has to have multiple purposes. If everything has multiple uses, shouldn’t promotional items go with the trend? One popular option is the keychain. Keychain are great promotional items because they are small, fairly inexpensive to make, and can be transformed to have more than one use. Key chains can have many uses from bottle openers to flashlights.


The last promotional item to focus on in 2013 has been a popular item for a long time. Clothing still stands as one of the bestselling promotional items for many companies. However, the standard t-shirt doesn’t cut it anymore. Many organizations want to custom label nontraditional clothing items, including cardigans, jackets, and watches. Companies that only offer custom t-shirts should focus on offering nontraditional clothing items for the new year because of its growing popularity.

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