Should You Invest in Business Cards for Your Web Business?

Wrist watches. Encyclopedias. PDAs. Once status symbols, these things have become obsolete within the last decade thanks to technological and digital advancements. One thing that is still going strong after hundreds of years, however, is business cards. If you’ve started a web business or a money-making blog, you’re likely on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. So if you’re building your presence online, is there even a need for business cards?

Yes. Business cards can bring in new customers and also give you authenticity in many circles.

Here are four advantages to getting a business card for your web business:

business card
Business Card

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Always professional. Despite producing paper waste, easily getting lost or needing to be reordered when you run out, business cards will always have the advantage of being 100% in the real world. Unlike social media, business cards never blur the lines between the professional and the personal. You can share your basic business information with others without having to worry about your politically driven Facebook status updates turning them off.

Easy and fast to dispense. Even though a smartphone has made many a daily task easier and faster, they can’t measure up to the quickness of giving someone your card. Sometimes, people are in a hurry but still interested in your product or service. They may forget your name before they can look you up on Facebook. A business card nips this problem in the bud!

Cheap! Low production costs allow any business owner to acquire his own business cards without hurting his wallet. There are several online business card vendors, such as Vistaprint, Uprinting and Zazzle that allow you to design your own business cards. Most of these business card manufacturers will also put your branding on notepads, pens, t-shirts and other items.

Respect. Business cards still carry prestige in older and international circles. Depending on the scale of your business, this can be very important. You’ll need to be mindful that you may have potential customers who are not social media savvy. There are many people who understand what a business card implies better than they understand, “Follow me on Twitter!”

Just because you have a web-oriented business, it does not mean you are limited to only marketing yourself on the internet. While many other facets of the business world may become obsolete over time, you can be rest assured that business cards will always be around. They’re always professional, easy to access, and way easier to replace than a smartphone.

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