Because the Best Things Come in Beautiful Packages

With how the internet has made the world so much smaller, the World Wide Web has essentially become one giant marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet. Online shopping has become all the rage and online merchants have increased in numbers by leaps and bounds. With all this, the shipping industry has also cashed in on this phenomenon.

Internet sellers are aware of the costs of shipping not just in terms of fees but also in the risk of tarnishing their reputation in case something wrong happens to their shipments while in transit. Savvy merchants know that there is more to packaging than just mere wrapper. Here are the advantages of using only excellent quality packaging materials in your business:

Puma reusable bag
Image by Rob Stinnett / Flickr

1. In tact products = happy customers.

Despite the fact that your freight provider is liable for any damage, nobody wants to go through the hassles of contacting the shipping company to ask for a refund and waiting days (if not weeks) to get the money, and you certainly do not want your customers to go through that very taxing process if you want to land on their good side. The popularity of mailing bags has increased throughout the years especially since they were designed to withstand shipping being durable enough to resist tears and are water resistant.

2. Go green and make more green.

With a growing sector of society being more environmentally conscious, consumers have become more discerning of the businesses that they patronize, making sure that they choose only those who use reusable materials. Using paper packaging can spark outcry from customers who think that the world can do better with less trees being cut to be made into envelopes. Mailing bags that are made of synthetic material with self-sealing flaps ensure that that every package you mail out is sealed tight while transit but still easy to open. And these bags are reusable, too.  

3. Win them over with their presentation.

Just because you’re an online merchant doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start building your brand by treating your customers to a kind of experience they won’t get with any other internet seller. Mailing bags come in different colors and may even be customized without their quality being compromised. The visual impact of using colorful mailing bags may be underappreciated by some online merchants, but just imagine how excited your customers will be when they get that particular, familiar pink package in the mail?

About the Author: Adeson Deon writes about excellent business packaging through the use of mailing bags