How to Design Banners and Signage for Your Corporate Event

If you are hosting or attending an event then this is a great opportunity to promote your business and to increase your brand awareness in a big way. However in order to do this you need to attract people’s attention – you need them to be interested and you need them to come over to look into what you are doing or listen to your presentation.

For this reason then you will want to involve some banners and other signage and the way you design this can make a big difference to whether or not you benefit from the event. Here we will look at how to go about designing your banners so that they are effective.

Types of Banners

When you design your signage you will need a couple of different items. For one you might want some regular hanging banners, probably made from vinyl for the best durability, that you can hang over your entrance or your tradeshow display in order to draw the eye from a distance. It’s important you get this right so that people can find you and so that people know where you are. It also serves as a great way to strengthen your brand – think of it like the title on a website or a magazine.

Next you will probably also want some pop up banner stands. These banners are free standing meaning they go at ground level and the ‘pop up’ or ‘roll up’ bit refers to the fact that you can compact them down to transport them nice and easily. Finally you might also want a backdrop which you can use if you give a presentation or if you have a tradeshow display and this can provide a suitable background for the rest of what you do.

company banners

Image by Nigel Lamb / Flickr

The Design

Now you need to think the design you are going to order. Of course this is going to be printed out very largely, so you want to make sure that you have an image that is very large and very high definition that will spread out across it well.

For the vinyl banner you will probably only need to have the name of your company, though it might be wise to also use a sub heading for those who don’t know what your company does. If you have a descriptive slogan then this is ideal. Make sure that the colors you choose are high in contrast so that the writing stands out well against the background. If you are hosting the event then you can hang this anywhere and it will help to strengthen your branding.

For the free standing banner stands however you will be using a different approach. People will pass these at eye level meaning that you don’t need to draw them in from a distance, but that you do need to get them to turn their heads. A great way to get their attention is to put a person in your image and due to the nature you can make this person to scale. If they are attractive and smiling then the person will normally look.

Meanwhile you want to use this banner stand to provide some more information and maybe even to provide leaflets. The idea is that people who don’t want to talk to you about what you do can get most of the basic information quickly. At the same time though you don’t want to write paragraphs’ worth of detailed information – instead you should include just a few bullet points so that someone can quickly cast their eyes over it and know everything they need to.

About the Author: This guest post is written by event management blogger Jim Carrey. He has authored numerous guest posts on organizing events and press conferences. He recommends The Oxford Hotel as the perfect venue for your business events.