Shopping for Digital Goods Online with Ease

As more people buy into the world of mobile devices, e-commerce continues to grow at a steady rate. It is forecast that by 2016, US consumer online retail purchases will increase by 62%. Not only will people be spending more, but there is predicted to be 15% more consumers buying online by 2016 as well. While retailers are thrilled at these prospects, the online digital shopper will be looking for ways to shop that are simple, safe and fun.

Understanding Digital Goods

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the many types of digital goods that are available today. E-books, digital images, music, templates, manuals and software are examples of digital goods. They can easily be purchased through a mobile device or PC. They are also referred to as e-goods or electronic goods.

Digital items can include anything that is used, stored and delivered in an electronic format. These items are usually delivered to the buyer either through an email or a download directly from the Internet. Once payment has been received, the seller will send an email with an attachment of a link where you can safely download the item you purchased.

Advantages to Buying Digital Goods

These days, it seems that everything is going digital. There are many advantages to buying the digital version of a product. Usually, a digital product is cheaper. For example, a music CD in the store can cost anywhere from $10-$20. When you buy the songs digitally, you can decide which songs you want. Also, because the download can take place on your mobile device, you don’t have to try to transfer the files.

Programs that are downloaded can save money on shipping and the hassle of trying to figure out where to store all of the CD’s that you must keep. Textbooks can be accessed from your mobile devices and you don’t have to carry all of the bulky books around. Of course, the #1 advantage of buying digital goods is that you never have to leave your house!

How to be A Smart Digital Shopper

While shopping online is fun, you must always use caution when buying over the Internet – and that includes buying digital products. First of all, you want to do some comparison shopping to make sure you are getting the best price for your products. Secondly, you want to find out what types of payment are accepted. Most vendors are now offering a variety of online payment solutions.

You want to make certain that you use caution when buying online. It’s best to buy from a reputable store. The website should be secure which can be identified by a padlock on the bottom of the screen or by seeing “https” in the address bar. This means that it is a secure site that can’t be seen by others.

Another way to check for safety is to look for a “secure payment” icon. This is a small picture that lets you know what payments are accepted and secure. For example, there may be a small graphic with a padlock that reads “Shop with confidence. Secure website.” Next to that will be a list of the types of payments that can be made securely on that website, such as Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, etc.

Also, make sure you check out their guarantee policy. While it’s less likely to actually return a digital product, it is important to know what to do if something should go wrong. As a buyer, you have rights, even though you are buying online. If the link or download is faulty, you must know what to do to get a refund or get the correct item.

Enjoy Yourself!

Buying digital products online can be a fun experience. Just as we walk down the aisles of a store, we can browse the Internet from the convenience of our homes. You can compare products, chat with an online support person and even jump to another store to see what they can offer. As long as you take the time to be careful, you will find it to be easy, convenient and even addicting!