Employees Worry as Managers Track Their Activities

Employees have a reason to get anxious about the security of their cell phones and invasion of privacy of their personal lives. Employers are now taking advantage of Google that has come up with the latest tool which works as a cell phone spy.

This tool will enable employers to detect movements of their employees outside the office.

Google Maps Coordinate has joined hands with employers to facilitate them with a new cell phone spyware that will be available to them for payment of just $15 a month per employee. The application will allow employers to keep track of the activities of their employees and save them time in giving instructions.

employee tracking tool

All team members can be tracked via a Google Map – image from Google Maps Coordinate

Employers spy with Google Map

Employees will be shown as moving pin-points, monitored by the employers anytime of the day. These pin-points work as a navigation tool to allow employers to track their employees anywhere at any part of the day.

This tracking device comes in handy for companies when they send their employees on outdoor work. Through the use of this application, employers can stay connected to their employees working in the field. However, employers would have a hard time tracking them if the device is switched off. Not only does the device locate people in open air, but it also picks signals inside a building or covered area, reports Daniel Chu, senior product manager, Google.

Service Industry makes the most out of tracking device

Google understands the importance of time. The device helps the service industry perform maximum in a limited time. Mr Chu is hopeful about the success of the device. Chu said employers in the field of financial services, manufacturing, sales and repair services will find the application extremely useful.

Mr Chu gave a demonstration on the use of Google Maps. Suppose an electric company receives a complaint about failure of a powerline in a suburban area quite far from the office. The entire town is out of power and the line repairman would take at least an hour to reach the town – what will you do in such a situation? Google Map comes to your rescue – you can detect the location of a line repairman in the vicinity of the town, contact him and get the job done in minimum time!

iPhone users skip the spy radar

Cell phones have become a basic necessity of life. According to a study done by a research firm, IDC, the number of cell phone users will increase to 1.3 billion by 2015, which accounts for roughly 37% of the employee workforce.

Google assures employees of complete security of their privacy. Employees will be able to switch off their tracking device when they are off duty or during luck breaks. A notification will be shown on their cell phones to inform the user of activation of the tracking device.

However, iPhones and iPads users need not worry, as the device is not compatible to the functions of their cell phones. It operates in Android phones as an Android spyware and monitors every move of the user. But the relief of iPhone users can be short lived as Google is working rigorously to make the app compatible for Apple’s iOS within a year.

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