In Business in Houston? Best Tips for Making Your Commute Safer

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When you work at a business in Houston, the daily commute is a fact of life. On a good day, traffic flows along like easy water in the bayous. On a bad day, it makes the Mad Max movies seem tame. Here are some tips to make the drive easier for you and your fellow road warriors.

1. Know where you’re headed and what’s coming. Check weather and traffic reports before you leave the house. Houston is a big town, and sunshine in your backyard doesn’t mean it won’t rain on the way to work. Find out if there are any accidents or closures between you and the office. You have plenty of alternative routes, so design an exit plan that will ease you out of gridlock. Knowing that you’re prepared when you head for work gives you confidence to tackle the road.

2. Get off to the right start. A good breakfast doesn’t belong in the front seat while you’re driving, so fill up before you head out. That cup of coffee gets to go along, but only in its own holder; otherwise, you might be wearing it to work. Tune in some relaxing music or enjoy an audio book. Let your morning mantra become peaceful mind over traffic-related matters. Your commute will be more enjoyable, and everyone will be safer on the road.

3. Don’t let distractions derail you. Office calls dominate so much of your time, so give them and yourself a break. Turn off your phone, and tune in some easy listening. Keep front seat clutter to a minimum by organizing the necessary diversions. Every gadget has a purpose, and it has a holder too. Don’t fumble for a better view of the GPS system; mount it so that you know where you are at a glance. You’re a better driver when you’re focused.

4. Make your car a comfortable chariot. Keep it uncluttered, free of distractions and running like a champ. Routine maintenance is your best protection against engine trouble on the way to work. It’s also a safety issue; working turn signals and properly operating brakes are vital to navigating Houston freeways. A quick inspection once a month gives you peace of mind every morning when you leave for work.

5. Make quick work of accidents whenever possible. No one likes surprises on the morning commute, but anticipating trouble makes fender benders easier to manage. Houston even has a motto for these accidents: Steer it, and clear it. Houston automobile lawyers might suggest that you pull over to the shoulder as quickly as possible, and exchange information with the other driver. Call your insurance company, then use your cell phone to take pictures of the damage to both cars. Make notes, and contact a reputable attorney – never assume that a simple fender bender will stay simple.

Navigating the daily trip into the office is part of your business. It doesn’t have to be hard just because you’re in Houston. With these tips, your drive will be easier and safer, and you’ll be a better road warrior ready to conquer the morning ahead.

Former news reporter Ann Bailey compiles this information for all drivers headed to work across town in Houston on a daily basis. Houston automobile lawyers work vigorously on claims to protect their clients, and their businesses and livelihoods when they are injured through the fault of another driver.

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