5 Tips For Sales Manager To Increase Productivity

Working as a sales manager can be a very rewarding and lucrative career, but unless you know how to get the best out of your people, you may not last long in this industry. Here are a a few tips for sales managers to increase the productivity of their staff.

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1. Embrace Technology

If you want to get the most out of your staff, you should embrace technological advancements. For example, you could get everyone a specific work app that allows them to collaborate on projects together. With type of work app, your employees will be able to work smarter, and get more work done.

2. Manage Customer Relationships

When you want to increase productivity, it is important to manage your customer relationships more effectively. By using a mobile CRM solution, you’ll be able to provide better service to your customers, while making fewer mistakes. When you use a CRM for mobile application, it will allow your sales reps to get information about their customers on the fly. A good CRM for mobile app can ensure that your employees close more sales, and get more repeat business. There are many mobile CRM apps out there, so be sure to choose the best one for your business.

3. Don’t Micromanage

One of the biggest problems that sales managers have is that they micromanage everything in their department. If you want your staff to be productive, don’t be looking over their shoulder at every moment. You’ll be able to get a lot more out of your staff if you trust them to do their jobs.

4. Provide Incentives

One of the best ways to boost productivity is to provide incentives to your sales staff. For example, give some kind of a financial bonus to the top salesman during a particular period. If you provide incentives, your sales staff will work harder to try to meet your goals.

5. Recognize Top Performers

Although money and other bonuses do provide some motivation, you can’t always motivate people with money. Recognition is also very important to the average person. When someone does a good job on your team, be sure to recognize them for it. By doing this, your employees will tend to work harder and more productive overall.

By employing some of these methods, you may be able to take your sales team to new heights. This will go a long way toward promoting your own success as a sales manager.

About the Author: Steve is a sales expert and enjoys sharing his expertise. He recently wrote about how mobile CRM can help increase a sales team productivty. For more information please visit doubledutch.me