Three Reasons Why Instagram Is Good For Your Business

Instagram is an application for mobile devices that let you take photos and upload them instantly to social networking sites.  This is one of the fastest growing social media networks at this time and it is growing daily.  Many users say that Instagram is addictive and nearly all iPhone and Android users are using it more and more.  The savvy business owner knows that when a social media platform hits these heights that they need to take advantage of it.  The following are just three reasons why Instagram is good for your business and why need to get on board today.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

The Instantaneous Uploads

One of the top reasons for using Instagram is that the uploads are instantaneous so you don’t have to wait to post the pictures.  When you use a digital camera does not offer the instant uploads because you have to attach the camera or media card to a computer in order to upload them.  With Instagram, all you need to do is take the picture, make your edits to the photo or add your filters and you can instantly upload it to all of your social networking sites.  This allows you to share your brand with your viewers and fans immediately.

You can Make Your Brand More Interesting

They main point of using Instagram is to promote your business and your products.  When you take pictures that are interesting to your fans there is a higher chance that they will share and like these photos.  The more likes and shares you get the higher you go into the search engine rankings and that’s never a bad thing.  You can also give your brand a personality that they would lack otherwise and you can also offer your fans candid moments of your employees.  But more than anything, Instagram makes your products and services look cool and everyone likes that.

Get Followers Easily

You cannot post any types of links on Instagram so your followers don’t feel as if they are being advertised to.  It also keeps them from feeling like that are being spammed if they want to follow your business page.  An added benefit to this is that when you are uploading photos that are interesting people are more likely to want to follow you.  You can build your brand presence much easier on this site than other social media network.  You can also associate your Instagram account with other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.  This allows you to upload one picture to all your social media sites that are supported.  Instagram is a great marketing tool if it is used properly and search engines like Google are now targeting these sites for SEO purposes.  You have the ability to make instantaneous uploads of your photos and you can also make your brand more interesting to your followers.  Also, because there are no links allowed, it is much easier to get people to follow you than it would be on other sites. Ryan Leeds has had an interest in social media since he started his blog ten years ago and has been activity writing on the topic.