Is Your Office Building on Solid Ground?

For the small business owner who rents or owns an office space, one of the bigger concerns can be whether or not the facility is secure and safe.

As some business owners have discovered over time, their offices can be located in areas that are prone to security issues, weather issues and general overall safety concerns.

One such concern can be whether or not the building could be damaged by water should there be excessive rains and/or leaks on the grounds.

flooded office
photo credit: Craig Does Stuff via photopin cc

If that is a concern for your company’s office location, one way to go about fixing that is by putting in place underground leak detection services.

In the event you are not up to speed on how such services can assist your business, take note of:

Potential damages – In the event your building is hit with heavy rains and/or leaks due to faulty equipment on the grounds, you could end up spending a large amount of money to fix the problem or problems. With the right underground leak detection provider, you can quickly determine where the leak is coming from to minimize damages. If the damages are left unchecked, it can lead to safety and health issues that could cost your business more money in the long run. One such problem if left unchecked can be the emergence of mold, which can impact the safety of you and your workers. Not only will mold appear around damp walls and floors, but it also can produce spores that eventually will work their way into the air you breathe;

Age of your equipment – As some business owners who have rented or bought space over time will discover, the equipment in the building can be going bad. Faulty water pipes as an example can break over time, leaving the business owner with a financial headache, along with inconvenience for them and their employees. With the right leak detection provider, you can check and determine where leakage is coming from with pipes, under concrete, pavements, walls, sewer lines, utilities and more. In the event the piece or pieces of equipment are old, you can determine exactly what needs to be replaced;

Energy audits – Another plus when using such services is that you can determine where you need to zero in on in order to save money. With an energy audit, you can see where dollars are being lost, and what needs to be done to fix such wastes. As many small business owners who rent or own spaces can tell you, office energy expenses can prove very expensive over time. Knowing where you need to fix things can save your business money;

Keep the future in mind – Lastly, letting potential water issues go in your office could lead to damages that prevent you from selling the building down the road. By using an underground service periodically or when you know there is a problem, you can lessen the chances of permanent damage to the building. With that being the case, you can maintain a decent resale rate for the property should you choose to unload it at some point.

With the New Year off and running, are you detecting it may be time to give your office space another look?

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers small business topics for various websites, including finding the right underground leak detection for your company.