Use Labeling to Organize Your Entire Office

Use Labeling to Organize Your Entire Office

Even though most companies have been placing an emphasis on reducing the amount of paper that they print and store, there is always going to be a need to keep hard copies of certain documents on-site. However, without the proper filing system, it can become very difficult to access the necessary paperwork in a timely manner. Therefore, it is essential for your business to invest in a proper storage solution, and you will also need to ensure that everything is properly labeled. Additionally, there are several other components of a busy office that should also be labeled to increase productivity.

ArghEasy Labeling Solutions

If you look around your office, you will see a long list of items that would benefit from being labeled, including files, binders, cables, shelving and supplies. After all, any well-organized office will be designed so that a new person could step in without any training and instantly have at least a basic idea of where everything is located. By labeling everything, you can ensure that your employees will be able to complete their daily tasks more quickly, and you will also be providing a more welcoming environment for the newest members of your staff.

In order to make the labeling process go more smoothly, it is a good idea to purchase at least one label maker. Although some companies choose to print labels from a computer or even fill them out by hand, it is much more efficient to utilize the proper tool. Using Image Supply specials on the web, you can have your own multipurpose label maker on-site, where you can easily produce new labels at any time.

Upgrading a Filing System

Most businesses could greatly benefit from a newly organized filing system, and a label maker will be a vital piece of this project. Placing a fresh label on all of your files will make it easy for everyone to select the right one without spending time digging through paperwork to verify their selection. This will also make it easier to comply whenever your company’s files are audited. After all, if the person who conducts the audit is unable to quickly determine which file they are pulling, they are going to need to spend a lot more time on-site, and they are also likely to be influenced by feelings of frustration. Therefore, by making the files more accessible, you will increase your chances of getting a favorable review.

Labeling the Rest of the Office

Although your filing system is the most obvious place to utilize a label maker, there are actually dozens of practical purposes for the item within your office. As previously mentioned, you use your label maker to organize your supply closet by labeling the shelves and even the individual supplies. This is also a good way to make sure that your employees do not take your company’s supplies home with them. Even though they could remove the label, most people will be much less inclined to take that extra step.

If you are not currently using a label maker in your office, it is a good idea to purchase one today. After all, you can use them as part of an overall office upgrade, and they can also be utilized to provide more cohesiveness in your filing cabinet. As an added bonus, this simple organizational tool can produce each label within a few seconds.

Jonathan Billings is a blogging entrepreneur who has created several businesses from his own home office, and consistently streamlines his systems to make them more manageable. There are Image Supply specials online daily, featuring affordable brand name label makers (both guns and printers) to help you get your office under control.
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