Latest Trends in Recruitment

Resume experts foresee radical changes in recruitment strategies used today. As the current market presents a wealth of possibilities to candidates, it is necessary that the organization adopts a strategy to score over its competitors.

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Some of the recruitment strategies adopted by the organizations are listed below:

Outsourcing processes

For over a decade, HR processes have been outsourced from different firms. The personnel drawn from other companies may assist the organization in screening eligible candidates. The organization may then pick a suitable candidate from the short listed candidates. The firms that provide outsourcing services are always equipped with talented resume experts who may be commissioned to different organizations. Of course, they charge an intermediate fee for their services.

The benefits of this process are:

  1. The organization is saved the hassle of planning human resources in advance.
  2. Operational flexibility, competitive advantage and Value creation is ensured for the organization.
  3. The organization can channelize their energy towards the levels of HR processes.
  4. The organization is freed from the cares of crafting salary packages and filtering the needless candidates in entrusting their cares to resume experts.
  5. A lot of the organization’s time and money is saved.


The recruitment process is substantially eased if the prospective candidates view the organization as an established firm that supports the interests of the employees.

Marketing the organization by means of advertisements goes a long way in creating a favorable image of the company, but it is also necessary that the organization lives up to the image.


In spite of the internet and the rising marketing strategies, referrals continue to remain as the best source of hiring talent. Certain organizations grant the liberty of recruiting, screening and pre-conditioning candidates to reliable employees.


Organizations have sensed the advantage of buying rather than developing talent. Raiding is the process of snatching competent talent from another organization in the industry. The candidate might be the employee of a rival firm but the organization entices the employee with a better salary package and other fringe benefits.

Staffing resources temporarily

Engaging the services of a temporary employee is on the rise. The hires can handle the variations in workload and can be considered eventually for permanent retention.

Recruiting online:

Large firms use the wealth of information available over the internet to short list suitable candidates. Backed by technology, the process of recruiting is eased. The career options and vacancies are showcased all over the internet. Some people seeking a job consult resume experts to draft their curriculum vitae so that employers go over their resume. Experts in the job industry have stressed the benefits of e-recruitment:

  • Cost reduction.
  • No third-party involvement.
  • Time for recruitment process is drastically lessened.
  • Selection of the most suitable candidates.
  • Enhanced efficiency of recruitment process.

The organization must gauge the candidate’s ability and emphasize on relevant subjects like: culture, training investment, environment, social responsibility of the company and development. Bonuses are also an efficient way to lure eligible talent.

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