Tips for New Users is one of the most highly used CRM platforms by organizations around the world today. Companies train users when they implement Salesforce for the first time, especially the ones who are constantly using it. Despite all that, many first time users find it difficult to use the platform. For the people who manage, they find that efficiency is not as high as it is expected to be. Here are some tips that first time uses should keep in mind to ensure that they are comfortable with Salesforce right from day one.

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Pay Close Attention in Training

One of the things about Salesforce is that its benefits are not so apparent when you just glance over the GUI. You will have to look closely to figure out the different options and tools that are available for your use. The training is where you will get all the relevant information. Pay close attention to training and make sure that you don’t slack off at any stage.

Access Codes and User Privileges

Different users of Salesforce have different levels of access rights and user privileges. These privileges include editing, copying and deleting information. The administrators and developers have the highest rights and if the user is one of either, then they should be made aware of the responsibility of their position. The fact that they can access every nook and cranny of Salesforce gives them a lot of responsibility. This should be made clear to the users so that they will be careful right from the day one.

Using Salesforce Applications

Salesforce has an exclusive market where a wide range of apps are available and you can buy them to make your jobs easier. Most apps have to be purchased from the market and if you are an administrator, you will have the option of buying it. Make sure that you evaluate the need for an app comprehensively before you buy it. If possible, make it a team decision so that you will get different perspectives on the issue.

For Improving Productivity and Efficiency

There are a plethora of tools and options available on the Salesforce platform. It is very easy to get confused while deciding to use the tools that your job requires and you might end up using multiple tools that will only result in decreased efficiency. It is better to take the opinion of someone who is experienced with these tools and the job you do to help you out so that you will not be a victim of this confusion.

About the Author: Grace is a CRM and Cloud Applications expert. She writes extensively on emerging trends affecting the cloud and social media. One of her favorite cloud solutions is Cirrus Insight, the leading application for integration of Salesforce and Google Apps.