Screen Printing Equipment Ideas for a T-Shirt Business

Finding the right screen printing setup is essential for new businesses and businesses that are looking to upgrade. Some people go by word of mouth; others do serious research. Your best bet is a combination of both. Although, it is impossible to cover all your options in one article, here are some highly recommended systems you should investigate further.

Vastex V1000 and V2000 Screen Printing Equipment

Instead of offering pre-packaged bundles, the Vastex systems are completely custom-configurable. The V1000 system is an entry to mid-level system while the v2000 system is designed for businesses with higher-end needs. Businesses can purchase equipment ranging from one color, one station to ten colors, ten stations, with a wide selection in-between. The company’s salespeople will help guide you through the process of putting together your own unique starter package by recommending other items you will need. Base unit prices currently range from approximately $2,050 to $9,376. It is worth noting that these are starting list prices only and your final purchase price will vary based on what configuration you order.

vastek v1000

Workhorse Products

Workhorse Products currently offers 13 different manual screen printing systems in their Mach and Odyssey Manual Printing series. Systems range from four color, four stations to ten colors, eight stations. The Odyssey Manual Printers series are the company’s entry-level machines; however, they are capable of handling the needs of home, small to medium sized screen printing businesses. The Mach Manual Printing series is geared more for high-end professionals and large businesses. Speed varies widely depending on which system and configuration you choose, so you should consult with one of their sales professionals. Additionally, the company does not publish pricing information on their website. For pricing information, you have to call (800) 778-8779 and press extension 1 for sales.

Printa 770 Series

Printa’s 770 series screen printing equipment is worth considering because the company offers different complete start-up packages based on what the buyer needs. All models are four colors, four stations. The 770 standard system prints up to 40 items per hour, while the 770 Deluxe and 770 Deluxe Plus systems allow operators to print up to 60 and 100 items per hour respectively. All three systems include the four-color station, curing system, supply bundles and more. The 770 systems print on t-shirts, tote bags, sweatpants, hats, jackets and more. The systems are scalable so customers can purchase additional equipment to upgrade their system as needed. Prices currently range from $5,995 to $16,995.

Selecting the right screen printing equipment is crucial to your business’s profitability. Keep in mind that your profits depend on how many t-shirts you can print in a day. The more shirts you can print, the more you can bill your clients for. The profit is in the equipment, so take your time and choose your equipment wisely.

About the Author: Raphael Alavi has run his own screen printing business for 10 years and loves creating unique designs for charities, corporations, and public groups!