How Utilising Security Labels Can Save Your Business Time and Money

Security labels can save your business time and money in a variety of ways. Barcodes and serial numbers on security labels provide the clearest form of identification for a company, and can be used to help restrict errors during moves. At the same time, having an excellent labelling system means that you can find stock items more quickly, ensuring that you are able to decrease man hours and focus on other parts of a business. Security labels, moreover, can help to reduce the risk of electrical damage through regularly updated information, and act as a strong deterrent to thieves. Some of the cost and time saving benefits of security labels are developed in more detail below:

1 – Identify and Protect Stock

The main strength of security labels is arguably their ability to clearly identify and protect stock. A consistently branded set of security labels allows for easy identification across an office, a shop floor or a warehouse, and can provide scannable information that locates items within particular departments. In doing so, the amount of confusion caused by misplaced items, or doubts over whether an asset in a business belongs to it or an individual, can be reduced. Lengthy stock checks are reduced here by being able to visually identify these items, while double checking them through a handheld scanner.

2 – Reduce Errors During Moves

Security labels’ ability to standardise the relationship between multiple assets within a business means that it is possible to save time and money on moves. Barcoded and serial numbered items can get lost, or placed in the wrong containers for long moves, or when being sent out to customers and clients. Security labels allow for barcodes to be tracked, and for items to be scanned and recorded at their delivery point. Inter-office loans of expensive equipment can also benefit from the same approach, with item numbers recorded on loan sheets.

3 – Deter Theft

A security labelled asset within a business is much less likely to be vulnerable to theft. Security labels can be designed to be almost impossible to remove, and will leave tamper and voided marks when they are scratched or peeled off. This marking means that any stolen items can be quickly identified, particularly in the case of the theft of small items by employees. Minor costs can be saved on these types of theft, as well as major costs on any attempted thefts of larger items.

4 – Reduce the Risk of Electrical Damage

Security labels can be attached to electrical appliances that require regular testing for safety. These labels can contain rewritable spaces, which can be used to monitor the maintenance schedule for an appliance. Doing so means that a business is likely to save more money in the case of a fire or damage due to an electrical fault, as there will be a log of when the appliance was last tested, both on the appliance and through paper records.

5 – Allow for Better Inventory Management

Security labels can be essential to managing a large inventory. Expiry dates can be attached to labels for food and perishable items, and can also be used to mark out any damaged items within a warehouse. Again, rapid information, and the storage of information through barcodes can make it easy to track items. This level of precision is important for any company audits.

About the Author: Lisa jane is a freelance copywriter promoting Tollgate Labels and increasing awareness of the printed labels service that they offer.