Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Medical Transcriptionist?

Medical transcription services are an important part of keeping the healthcare industry organized and documented. The medical transcriptionists that are in charge of putting together each detailed and accurate patient report are trained to have specific skills that will make them successful in their field. Transcribing the illegible handwritten notes or hasty audio recordings of a physician into precise records that document patient visits, diagnoses, treatments, procedures, medications, etc. can be a challenging task. However, the expertise and abilities of a medical transcriptionist will allow for getting an efficient job done that all healthcare professionals and patients can rely on.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Knowledge of Medical Terminology and Research Practices

Even though transcriptionists aren’t required to go through years and years of med school, they are still expected to be versed in terminology that is commonly used in the healthcare industry. This will allow a medical transcriptionist to do their job in a more timely fashion if they aren’t having to look up every other word. Doctors are known for using abbreviations and codes in their notes, and it will be up to the transcriber to translate those correctly. Advancements in the medical field are constantly being made, so it’s important for transcriptionists to hone their research skills and keep up on the latest terms and technologies and be able to find hospital and physician names quickly.

Proficient in Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

An accurate report largely depends on its grammar, spelling and punctuation. Without these skills and a good command of the English language, a transcriptionist can’t expect to flourish in their career choice. Having a dictionary on hand can be useful, but it shouldn’t be relied on so heavily that it takes time away from typing up the necessary documents.

Advanced Typing Skills

Healthcare facilities needing medical transcription services are looking for someone that can get the job done flawlessly in a short period of time. They often require a very quick turnaround, and slow typing speeds won’t cut it. A medical transcriptionist must be able to type at higher speeds while maintaining an error-free document.

Concern for Detail and Accuracy

Medical transcriptionists cannot get away with playing the guessing game. They have to understand how important their job is to the healthcare process and uphold a professional level of responsibility that will ensure accuracy in every report. Typos or neglecting to verify unfamiliar terminology could result in misguided care of a patient.

Capability to Maintain Focus Without Guidance

Many physicians and healthcare facilities are choosing to outsource their transcription needs to save on overhead costs. This means it’s possible for a medical transcriptionist to take advantage of the perks of working from home, but it also takes a lot of self-discipline and focus. Deadlines must still be met no matter where reports are being put together, and it can take a great deal of motivation to stay on top of the job when you’re left to your own devices. Transcriptionists can’t let distractions get the better of them because this is where many mistakes can be made.

Jobs in the healthcare industry are always in demand, but it is vital for a medical transcriptionist to possess all of these skills if they are looking to have a truly rewarding and accomplished career in the medical field.

About the Author: Tiffany Olson makes her home in Northern California and loves to blog on career related topics, especially those in the healthcare field. When she’s not writing you’ll usually find her at the library reading or in the kitchen cooking.

Small Business: Shopping Online for Big Savings

As a small business owner, you need to conserve your financial resources as much as possible. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to utilize the Internet to save money on essential supplies and services. In fact, the vast majority of items that an office company uses will be available for a discount online, and most other industries can also find better prices by simply conducting a quick Internet search.

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Buying in Bulk

Although you can definitely get discounts on every day office supplies by buying them in bulk quantities at a brick and mortar store, you will most likely be able to save even more from an Internet-based retailer. For example, Amazon sells several common items that small businesses need in bulk, and they also offer a subscription service that will enable you to save even more on the supplies that you use on a regular basis. When you factor in the free shipping and the fact that you will avoid spending money for gasoline, it becomes easy to see how much money you can save by buying items in bulk off of the Internet.

Buying in Smaller Quantities

If you are looking for individual items, it is still usually a better idea to shop online. There are several price comparison websites that have been created with the purpose of enabling consumers to quickly find the absolute best price on any given item. Additionally, some of these sites even include local store prices to help you determine if it makes more sense to buy a specific item locally. You can also download an app for your iPhone that will help you compare prices online for items that you are looking at in a store.

Saving with Comparison Sites

Every company needs to have business insurance and you will also need automobile insurance if you have a company vehicle. Although you could simply get a quote from the insurance provider that you use for personal purposes, you will most likely end up spending more money. Instead, you should use sites like to help you gather several quotes from various national and local insurance companies. Once you have all of the quotes, you will be able to compare the pricing and available options to easily determine which policies make the most sense for your company.

Shipping Costs and Transit Times

If you absolutely need an item today, you will need to go to a local store to pick it up. Unfortunately, that purchase is probably going to cost a lot more than it would have online. Therefore, whenever you have time to wait, you should always shop online. Most companies offer free shipping over a specific dollar amount, and expedited shipping options are usually available. Even if you end up paying for shipping, you will still save money in most cases.

Shopping online for the majority of your company’s supplies and essential services is one of the best ways to keep your budget in line. If you are not using online comparison sites, you are wasting money on a daily basis.

About the Author: Researcher Shelby Warden provides this information for small business owners who need to watch their bottom line. Small business owners who go to to compare insurance plans and costs not only get the best online prices, but can even choose a charity to receive a £10 donation when they purchase a policy.


Help And Ideas On Becoming Self-Employed

It’s a very difficult time for people to find work, particularly for students entering the job market and those who have been made redundant or out of employment for a long time. It’s an accomplishment simply to be invited to interview and on average only 1 in 10 companies offer a “thanks but no thanks” response to applications. This is very depressing for people who have been seeking work for months or even years. Many people resort to taking jobs for which they are highly overqualified or to accept part-time work to try and make ends meet. Some people take out online loans while they seek work, retrain for a new career or as an investment in a new business.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

One option for those who are out of work is to look into becoming self-employed. But where do you start? Just finding a job which is suitable can be daunting. Read on for inspiration.

Look Online

Try investigating online to see what other people are doing. Use a search engine and look for articles, blogs and forums where people recount their own experiences and offer advice and inspiration. You could also try on line quizzes and tests to find out what type of jobs suit your personality, interests and skills. Try brainstorming, keep notes and record every type of job that is appealing to you and then keep on researching.

Look at government websites to get information on becoming self-employed, including legal advice and information on self-assessment tax returns.

Look on job sites where people advertise their services to see what is available. Freelance websites are growing all the time; spend some investigating the work that is offered and also what services others provide. If you have a skill, such as writing, art, crafts or photography – look at what others are doing to make money from their abilities.

Talk to Other People

Ask around and find other people who are self-employed, they can be a great source of information and inspiration. Perhaps you have employed the services of someone who is their own boss, or perhaps you have other acquaintances who are self-employed. Ask your friends and family if they know anyone who might be willing to have an informal chat or give you a few pointers.

Talking to friends and family about your interests and skills is also a brilliant way to stimulate ideas. Sometimes you can overlook the obvious and an outside perspective might help. Your perfect job may turn out to be something you have never considered before, or even a job that you didn’t know existed!

Government Initiatives and Career’s Advice

Look for Pathways to Work or other similar initiatives provided by the government. Visit your local job centre or seek out a career’s advisor. If you are at university, careers advisors will be based on your campus, try to start thinking about your career options long before you leave. Being self-employed for a period of time is a valuable way to get work experience and looks great on a CV as it shows you are responsible and have initiative. If you have already left university, try contacting the careers advisors where you studied, it is likely that they are still willing or even obliged to see you as a graduate.

Local Media

Look at the types of work undertaken by self-employed people who operate in your area by looking in local and national newspapers or business directories. You may be surprised at the amount of different self-employed job opportunities that exist, in a range of different professions. They can range from routine and manual work to highly skilled professional roles. Don’t feel disheartened by the amount of jobs that you aren’t qualified for, just focus on what interests you. It is never too late to retrain or embark upon a new career. Also investigate funding that is available or the possibility of free or discounted courses that are available, particularly as a job seeker. Even some university courses are free, particularly those related to healthcare – where there is a desperate need for staff.


Investigate courses that are available, either online, through private companies or at local colleges. Find out which colleges offer adult education or professional qualification courses in your area, then look at their website or write to them to request a prospectus. If you are interested in retraining, you could look into online loans as an option for funding you studies.

About the Author: Wendy Derbyshire is a blogger who understands the current challenges of the job market. If you are considering taking a course or starting up your own business, why not investigate online loans to fund your new career?