Do not chase people – tips to persuade people to opt for your service

Everyone wants to have the gift of convincing people to do certain tasks. And probably this is the reason why people still go as far as trying black magic in the hope of controlling their future or getting a person under his control. But here I am not going to reveal the secrets of black magic. Sorry dude, rather here I am going to tell you some secrets that can help you convert people into paying customers. Ok, I can feel that you just cannot wait right? Ok here they go:

dont be shy

Do not be a shy Guy: I remember a saying – “When You cannot convince people, just confuse them”. Yup, this may sounds a bit naughty but this really works when you are into the domain of sales and marketing. When you are into the middle of audience who seem to disagree with what you are saying, you need to try a technique. You should be talking fast, giving little scope to them to disagree. When you are speaking fast very fast, listeners need to ignore obvious flaws in the argument. However, when you are talking to agreeable audience, you need to slow down, tone down a bit and give the audience some time to agree with your views.

Ok, ok you want to have the persuasive power right. Ok, in that case you need to master the art of talking with confidence. It may happen that you are not sure about the accuracy of a subject, but do not let that make you feel down. You need to show supreme level of confidence while speaking to prospective customers. Since you know your products very well, you should be speaking with confidence. To be able to persuade others, we need to communicate confidence to others. So, please do not be a shy guy. Get out of your closet and have some serious fun.

dont swear

I Swear: I personally do not believe in any such theory that swearing a lot can help you draw some attention but the thing is that they do seem to help in persuade people. But the word of caution – do not go overboard with this swearing thing because it will lead to the loss of credibility. Use of mild curse words while addressing an audience may help you but the intensity should be checked carefully. Don’t be offensive, speaking lightly and friendly way.

i agree

Make People agree with you first: If you want make people buy your theory and your products of course, you need to say something that they will agree with you. It is not necessary that you should be always talking something related to your products or service. You can start off with anything that people can easily agree with you and then move the topic smartly to something that relates to your product or service and you will see people, in most cases, will be agreeing with you are saying.


Upsell Things but with Plan: If a customer has decided to buy something, he has already put faith in your service. So, this is the perfect time to sell more. But do not be in a hurry. Be nice to customers while giving him some awesome offers. Now, if a customer has bought a pair of shoes, you should be wasting your time persuading him buying another one (please, he does not have four legs to use them) rather you can offer some kind of especial discount for him on Socks or something of that kind. He will be more than delighted to redeem that discount. So, finally you will be able to persuade that guy into buying products and he will be happy enough to accept this since he is getting value for the money he is about to spend.


Do not make people bore with data, tell a nice story instead: People love listening to stories and which is why you should be putting more weight to stories while persuading people to opt for your service rather than stuffing them with raw data. For say, if you are running a campaign for flood victims, you should be using only data to gather donation. Rather you should give the entire thing a personal touch. You may use image of a small girl in difficulties and asking for help of others. This will make people instantly attached to the campaign. Now, things may not turn in your favor, if you focus only on data and data. Help your audience get connected with the campaign emotionally and probably, this is the reason why you need to learn how to narrate a story.


Make Leaders Feel Vulnerable: You cannot argue with powerful people, I mean you cannot make them buy your theory unless you make them feel less powerful. The only way, you can make this happen is by getting them outside of their areas of expertise and show some of your brilliance and you will see marked difference in their approach. They will be less aggressive and more amiable in approach. So, rather than showing your gentle side, you need to dominate while speaking and believe me you will be rocking.

Author Bio: Michael Evans is a passionate writer and social media addict. He is helping business owners having a prominent online presence. You can contact him if you wish to make a website with Site2You.