New trends to start a small business

Here are a few good businesses to start, based upon the most current business trends:


Any and all green industries are doing very well, and you can blame it on fuel prices. Going green is good for the conscience but now it is also more economically viable. For example, organic food now costs almost the same as mass farmed food, because of the increased prices of fuel making mass farming methods more expensive.
Green energy is fast becoming the cheapest form of energy to use and create. Even recycled paper and managed forest paper is becoming cheaper to create than the paper made from rainforest trees.


The beauty industry is still doing well, even during a global economic downturn. It is beating the pants off of the fashion industry, which has designers crying into their double lattes. People will always need a hairdresser and a lot of the more expensive ones have gone bust. Just make sure that yours appeals to both men and women and you are set.

Strategic Technology Consulting

The reason why is not clear, but businesses are not taking the time to train their staff in new technology. They are not setting up their own training programs, and are not forking out the cash to have their staff trained off site.

For some reason they are hiring technology consultants. The industry is starting to soar, thanks to many companies ignorance of cloud computing, virtualization, tech scatter, remote workers and low energy server cooling.

Setting up as one of Netsuite partners is beneficial for many reasons, such as gaining industry expertise from one of the leaders in IT consulting and increasing credibility by partnering with a big company.

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IT Functions

Allied to their ignorance or unwillingness to learn about new technology (as mentioned above), many companies are outsourcing their IT functions. This may involve the bigger things such as data centers which do all of a company’s computing. It may also involve smaller functions, such as hiring outside offices to promote a company via social media.

A Directory Site

Finding a specific product or service should be easy, yet thanks to Google, it is getting harder and harder. The websites that produce lists of where you may get one product or service from multiple places are very unreliable.

They are often difficult to search too. The ones that are good are increasingly hard to find, but the market is crying out for them.

Financial Fitness

These companies are doing very well because so many companies are losing money and scared of going bust, so they are throwing money at financial fitness people and financial advisers, in a vain attempt to find an answer. When the economy picks up again then the bottom will fall out of this market, but until that day you should get in whilst the money is good.

Mobile Phones

Every company relating to mobile phones are doing well, except for phone manufacturers and network companies. Therefore, if you know how to make mobile websites, apps, themes, music, tunes, games, covers, protectors or glow in the dark additions, you will make money.

Online Games

There are so many of them that do not make any money, but that is because they are bad. The online games market is a great place to find a long-term income for just one game. If you create an online game that is good, it can easily be marketed for constant trickle of cash every month.

Create the game, add it to some merchant sites, and allow the first few levels to be played free. Then charge $1-3 for the access to play the other 100+ levels. So long as the merchant sites keep running, it allows a constant and seemingly endless trickle of cash all year round.

Everybody a celebrity

Companies that offer to make promotional videos for wannabe celebrities are massive thanks to the many TV shows with prepaid actors and singers pretending to be members of the public so they can win the singing competition. Many people are having demo DVDs and promotional videos made up, to send off to shows like X Factor.

Online accountancy

Many people have lost their jobs and taken up self-employment. Sadly, very few can afford an accountant. Online and cheap accountancy and tax return agents are very popular for the lower budget self-employed business.

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