How To Protect Your Business With Video Surveillance And Additional Security Measures

You do everything you can to make sure your home is safe from trespassers and lawbreakers, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your business? Implementing effective practices to secure company property and information is vital to running a successful business. It’s an unfortunate reality that companies, both large and small, are vulnerable to theft, vandalism, employee dishonesty and breaches in security that can result in great turmoil and profit loss. From making a sound investment in a video surveillance system to enforcing network security, follow these tips to protect your business against potential crime and subsequent damages.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Invest in a Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance has many benefits in a workplace setting. Installed in all the right places, cameras monitoring the perimeter of a property as well as its interior workings can be a major deterrent to uninvited guests on the premises along with a discouragement to employee criminality. Video surveillance systems have made the ability to oversee all aspects of your business at any given time a simple matter with the use of high resolution cameras, the capability to record and playback, real-time alerts and several other handy features. While visible cameras will prove to provide an obstacle to many would-be offenders, installing hidden cameras as well can aid in catching those who have figured out a way to take advantage of blind spots in the detectable cameras and continue on with their unlawful activity.

Ensure the Property is Well-Lit

Sufficient lighting in and around a property is also crucial to the prevention of crime in a business. Trespassers tend to stay away from areas that will put them in the spotlight and make them readily identifiable. Dark areas and shadowy corners (especially in parking lots and garages) are inviting to lawbreakers, so taking precautions to maximize visibility can reduce possible wrongdoings.

Install Access Control

Another way to ensure 24/7 protection is with the installation of an access control system. These systems can be customized to be as basic or elaborate as a business requires. By keeping a record of who’s entering and exiting the company and/or each area of the building, access control systems allow business owners to decrease security threats and quickly trace any incidents back to the culprit. With access control, all entry points can be remotely regulated, and a business is able to go into lockdown mode in the event of an impending risky situation.

Don’t Neglect Network Security

Safeguarding company information, files and data is just as important as physical security. Cybercrime is becoming increasingly prevalent among businesses that haven’t prepared themselves properly to block hackers and malware. Have a regularly scheduled off-site backup solution for all company computers, reinforce security on file sharing programs, websites, etc. and educate all employees on security efforts and how to keep an eye out for any breaches.

Don’t wait until your business becomes a victim of criminal activity to install a video surveillance system or put these other security measures into action. Protect your company before it suffers a big hit.

About the Author: By Tiffany Olson

Tiffany Olson resides in California and loves to blog about anything related to helping businesses grow and stay protected. When she’s not writing you’ll usually find her traveling, reading, or cooking.