Web Content For Small Businesses

Most small businesses do not have the right content on their website, which results in less traffic. Having good content on your site can help it  get to the top of search engine results and also attract users. The content on your website will also help in attracting links. So, always generate content that is meaningful and beneficial for the business. Having good content on the site is one of the best strategies that small businesses should incorporate to stay competitive. Here are few tips to consider while developing web content for your small business.

Have a blog on your site

You cannot attract viewers and increase traffic just by creating a good-looking design for your website. Your site has to be updated with useful content regularly, with the help of a blog. You can make use of CMS  (Content Management System) which includes Movable Type hosting and  WordPress. Instead of making use of hosting solutions like TypePad, WordPress or Blogger, you can consult a  expert and set up self-hosted blog engine on your server. When compared to hosting solutions,  self-hosted blog engines are very easy to modify and  can be integrated effortlessly into your website’s current design.

When you start blogging, register your firm’s blog as sub-directory (www.xyz.com/blog) instead of sub-domain (blog.xyz.com). When you do this, search engines will see the blog as a part of your website, and not as a separate site. When it comes to the design of the blog, it should be consistent with other contents on the website like navigation and header.

Hire professional writers

You need not be an expert to be able to write effectively. However, your grammar and language should be good. If you do not have the time to blog regularly, you can hire a writer to blog for your website. Before the writer starts blogging for your site, make sure you brief him/her about your product and company so that he/she knows what content to generate for your site. All the posts must be simple and easy to understand. Ensure that the posts written by the individual conforms to your company ideals and standards.

Developing a content mission can help

Viewers might stop visiting your blog if you do not update the content on it regularly. The content on your site has to be updated at least once a week. Before you start blogging, make sure you have a content mission which includes deciding what you want to include in your blog. For instance you might want your blog to give visitors information about your company or it can just include press releases of your products. If the information on your site is equipped with the latest developments in your business, it can attract visitors and also improve traffic for your site.

Allow archiving of pages

It takes very little effort and cost to include archiving page for media meets, investor bulletins, press releases, sales presentations, company fact sheets and product announcements. You will not know when the viewer might remember the presentation on your website and return to send it to a prospective customer. So, having archive option can prove to be useful in attracting traffic to your site and generating leads in the process.

About the Author: Penny Cooper is a blog writer  with professional writing service provider Godot Media. She is also an SEO writer and her interests range from and social networking to the latest internet technologies and trends.