Five Tips for Wining and Dining Business Executives

In the business world, it’s not uncommon to have to entertain potential and current customers. You may also find that you are given the task of entertaining out-of-town executives from sister businesses. If you are put in charge of the entertainment, you may feel the weight of the world come crashing down on your shoulders. Don’t let the task of wining and dining your customers become overwhelming, though. Here are five tips for entertaining your clients, customers, and fellow executives:

1. Do the Legwork

If you know that your boss is going to make you the go-to person when it comes to entertaining customers, take a week or two and do some legwork. Scout out a few local restaurants, get to know the staff and management, and build a relationship with the eatery. When you build a solid relationship with a local restaurant, you can expect to be treated like an old family friend every time you walk through the door. The way that you are treated will impress your client and make them feel welcome.

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2. Book a Limo

You don’t have to book a limousine for the same client each time they come to town, but if you book a limo the first time they visit, you are sure to impress them. Book the limo for an evening when you will be entertaining the client, not just picking him or her up from the airport. For many clients, this may be their first limousine ride since the high school prom, and you are sure to start off on the right foot by hiring a car.

3. Explore Your Town

Part of the benefit of traveling out of town for business is the ability to explore new cities. When your client comes into town, give them time to get settled in, and then show them your city. Visit the sites and attractions that make your area famous, even if it’s just having the town’s best burger for lunch. If your client is a nature lover, head out to some local parks. If your client loves to shop, take them to the newest mall in town. Your goal should be for your client to feel like they know your city by the time they leave.

4. Attend an Event

If you have the budget to do it, take your client to a major event happening in your town or a neighboring one. Go to the baseball stadium for the day or to an evening concert. Find out what it is that your client enjoys doing in his or her free time, and try to come up with an activity that matches his or her interests.

5. Arrange a Day Out

Get creative and arrange a day out for your client. Book your client several treatments at a ritzy spa, buy them a day pass to the local amusement park, or arrange for a surfing lesson. By arranging an entire day out for your client, you will be getting them out of their hotel room; something they are sure to appreciate.

If you are put in charge of entertaining clients, try to think outside of the box. Anyone can take a business executive out to dinner, but few people will spend the time to get to know him and his interests. Remember that entertaining your client in a way that suits their personality can be the difference in keeping that client or have them running to your competition.

Joe Jackson lives in Los Angeles and blogs about business matters, including how to entertain business executives. If you are looking for a way to impress your business guests, think about hiring a limousine for them at