The Importance of Communication in Business

Good communication skills are vital in any line of business. From the very top of a business through its owners, right down to those at front of house and on the phones, you have to make sure the message is coming across loud and clear.

Without good communication a business can begin to fall apart at the seams and leave staff confused and unable to effectively perform their day to day work tasks. This in turn leads to an entirely unproductive long term outlook for the business.

You have to make sure that you convey your messages with complete and utter clarity. Without this, no work process can take place. Set up a system that allows for an easily followed route. A message is sent out to staff that includes instruction. The job is completed and then sent back to the original sender with a completion note and any feedback that might be necessary.


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This system of communication neatly ties each project up so all involved can view its completion. It allows for your work methods to be constantly reviewed and tweaked for improvement. This style also makes sure that clear communication is required at all stages, there can be no doubt as to the meaning behind any work instruction that has been sent via email or letter.

With clear communication set out there can be no confusion, half-finished projects or sub-standard work. Everyone will know their task and set to it accordingly. It all leads to a much more effective and productive workplace, both time wise and financially.

It all adds up to a happy work place and happy staff will always work more effectively. They are willing to put in that extra hard work to achieve the end goal. A confused work force will not be able to manage their time or complete work to a high standard.

Of course, there are ways in which you can improve the lines of communication.

Ensure information can flow both ways. If you can send out instruction to your staff, they must have a readily available platform to supply you with feedback. The same goes when conducting a relationship with a client.

Regular discussions or conference calls can be a good way to achieve this. Discussion based around work processes, and even down to tea and coffee breaks keeps a work place happy and involved. Regular training sessions can also achieve this, by involving your staff and constantly improving methods and techniques.

Ensure all meetings are effective, to the point and never boring. Plan ahead and never speak off the cuff, it can be dangerous, misleading and ineffective.

Build up relationships with staff and clients through clear lines of communication at all times and be straight and firm with every request. It will build up trust and integrity of your style and direction.

The most important factor has to be the clarity of your messages. Once instruction has been misunderstood it can be hard to win back around to a positive result.

Guest blogger Matt Smith – Freelance business, conference call and technology blogger.

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  1. Communication is the best tool for a better and successful business. Through communication you are able to know what is the customers need or concerns. Through this you can show your sincerity.

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