Get a Lawyer for Your Business

Every entrepreneur needs a lawyer for the business. You probably do not need to have a lawyer on staff and on sight at all times. It might be that even having a lawyer on retainer. A retainer is where you pay a flat fee each month for service. Think of this as law insurance where if you need it then you have it but if you do not need it then you get to pay for it anyway.

Most entrepreneurs may only need the services of a lawyer a few times in their careers. The important thing is that you know a lawyer that you can work with before you need those services. A generalized law practice can help you during any situation even if that help means giving you the name of a qualified and trusted specialist.

Reasons Entrepreneurs Need Lawyers

Real estate transactions – a lawyer can help walk you through the paper work. With real estate there will be stacks of papers. Having a lawyer with experience in the field can help you ensure your interests in the transactions.

Employee relations – many entrepreneurs start out in business hiring people on word of mouth alone. This could land you in court over pay issues. Having a lawyer to help you if you find yourself facing court could be the boost you need to win the decision from the judge. The better service that can be provided by a lawyer involves developing employee agreements, handbooks and other guiding contracts that can help you avoid the issue in the first place.

Contracts – In the course of regular business you will need to create contracts for others and sign contracts from others. A lawyer can help you sort through the legalese and uncover the truth behind the contracts. The help of a lawyer could keep you from agreeing to something down the road that you would never consider if it were not buried in the ramblings of a contract.

So much can come up during the course of the business day that requires a legal understanding. Knowing a lawyer can make figuring out your legal issues easier.

Finding a Lawyer for Your Business


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  • Join the local Chamber of Commerce. Most of your law firms (particularly in smaller communities) will be part of these organizations. You will have a chance to meet and greet some of the local lawyers at the Chamber events.
  • Make an appointment for a consultation with a lawyer that specializes in small business or that has a solid practice in general (not criminal) law. Sit down with the lawyer and ask questions about experience, fee systems and any other concerns that might be on your mind.
  • Look over your budget. How much you can dedicate to a lawyer may determine how you utilize the services. Be sure to review the amount you are paying for legal advice on a regular basis. There may come a time when you need to change your arrangement in order to save your budget.

Hiring a lawyer in any capacity costs money. The extent of the bill will have to do with your location, the amount of service provided and any quotes received before the lawyer stepped in. The expense of a lawyer should be calculated into your budget from the conception of your business.

All entrepreneurs will find the need for a lawyer. Waiting until that need presents itself to find the lawyer could leave you hanging. Find a lawyer from the beginning of your business and you can develop a relationship with the lawyer or law firm that will help protect you and your business in the long run. You should make the plan to get a lawyer a basic part of your initial business plan.

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