Why is Internet fax the perfect faxing solution for SMEs?

When running a small business it is important to be able to communicate with clients in every possible way to meet their needs, but one channel that is often overlooked is fax.

Many people believe that faxing is a thing of the past and believe that they can get by with just email and telephone. But did you know that the contents of any email can be intercepted multiple times en route to its final destination? It is read and stored by ISPs, servers, firewalls, virus checkers and unscrupulous ‘bots’ that harvest email data.

This is just one reason why secure Internet faxing is so beneficial to small businesses, as it ensures that the sensitive data being sent and received is done so securely and that it is not going to be read or intercepted along the way.

Here are the main reasons why Internet faxing is a better option to manual faxing or emailing:

1. Cloud Computing

By embracing cloud computing and using Software as a Service, small businesses can benefit from numerous efficiencies without the need to buy, build and maintain IT infrastructure to support the technology.

Internet faxing allows businesses to access and send its documents via the Internet instead of installing and managing new software. This saves businesses both time and money whilst giving them the ability to automate processes, reduce risk, increase competitiveness and improve performance.

2. Time Saving

Time is a precious commodity for any small business and when using an Internet fax service, it’s possible to reduce any unnecessary time spent at the fax machine. Through this system, a fax number will be assigned to your business. But rather than receive faxes through traditional means, you’ll receive them to your inbox, just as you would an email.

3. Cost Reduction

Most Internet fax services cost just a small monthly fee, dependent on how often the service is used, but some can charge per fax sent, which could be a better option for those who do not regularly send faxes. Monthly charges range from as low as $2-10 upwards.

Faxing the old-fashioned way costs money on a regular basis: line rental, paper, ink and sending fees. Not to mention the time consuming nature of physically sending documents, especially if multiple documents need to be sent to multiple locations. And time is a cost in itself.

4. Eco efficiency

Online faxing helps companies eliminate paper and streamline business processes. This solution allows them to save on paper because instead of faxes being printed out automatically, you have the ability to select which documents need to be preserved on actual paper.

5. Security

One of the major benefits of Internet Fax  is the improved security this system offers. For example, some services give you the ability to restrict access to your faxes, track usage data, and protect your important documents from outside interference. A manual fax machine can never provide this level of service.

Unfortunately, many people have a preconceived perception of fax, which is based on memories of the 1980s. However, modern internet faxing is so hugely different from the previous version with more flexibility, accessibility than ever before, it must be tried to be believed.

About the Author: Written by Aleks Szymanski CEO, SecureCare Technologies, Inc. SecureCare has spent 10 years securely digitizing, processing and storing sensitive information to eliminate
 manual processes and paper. Today it provides a ‘double encrypted’ HIPAA-compliant Internet fax for the healthcare sector named Sfax.