Transcription: The Great Unsung Hero Of The Business World

Speaking is (generally) a far more natural and less time consuming process than typing. This is an undeniable fact and as such, ‘typing up’ audio reports can be one of the most frustrating and tedious tasks that befall most of us in the business sector on a daily basis. There is however a select group of flash fingered wizards who can make their brains and their fingers work in tandem to the extent that the spoken word and the written word become almost seamless in their delivery; to them this work is as natural as breathing. These prodigiously talented individuals are known as ‘transcribers’ and they offer a service that has proven invaluable for millions of people in a variety of professions, all over the world.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

The History of Transcription

Transcription has been used in various capacities since the early 1900’s, where medical stenographers were hired to document doctor’s work in text. Eventually (with the invention of cassette recorders and later computers) such documents were stored as audio records dictated by the doctors themselves but medical transcriptions are still commonplace. The actual act of transcription itself has over time, bled into many other sectors, primarily the journalism and business sectors where interviews or meetings are often transcribed in full. Before the invention of audio recording devices, transcription was an incredibly difficult process that required transcribers to use shorthand to write down speech as it was being spoken. The introduction of handheld Dictaphones in the 90’s made the job of transcribers immeasurably easier and now that most Dictaphones use mp3 technology, the audio data can quite easily be recorded and then emailed to a third party transcription service. Various ‘auto transcription’ software packages have recently started to reveal themselves online but they are largely unreliable (the intricacies of human speech are still beyond even the most powerful computers) and require absolutely crystal clear, perfectly pronounced speech to operate properly, which is very rare in most professional circumstances.

What is Transcription?

The job of transcribers is (literally) to transcribe. One of the most common forms of transcription is when transcribers are hired to take either an audio recording or live dictation and then transcribe the contents into text. Examples of where this sort of transcription might be used in the workplace include court hearings (court reporters are essentially transcribers in all but title), seminars and speeches, all of which can be converted from spoken content into text. Perhaps the most obvious use of a transcription service would be in television where transcription is required to produce subtitles. Transcription has only recently become a mainstream career option thanks to the advent of high-speed internet and the almost ubiquitous availability of personal computers. It is a job that is free of the restraints of traditional 9-5 office work and as such, most transcribers will either work freelance or will work for transcription companies but will do so from the comfort of their own homes. Transcribers will charge their clients either by time spent or work done so it will either be on a ‘per word’ or ‘per minute’ basis. Larger transcription firms will deal exclusively with private law firms, TV studios or government agencies but there are firms who will offer their services to anyone for a price.

What Goes into a Transcript?

The industry standard time for producing a transcript from a piece of audio is approximately one hour for each 15 minute chunk of audio. This means that live transcription is rare. In the few cases where it is used, translations tend to be unreliable at best as there is no time for transcribers to go back and check for errors or refine their text. In many situations however (such as live television) a broadcast might be delayed ever so slightly, to give the transcribers time to refine and correct their words before they are broadcast.

What else can a Transcription Company offer?

Besides straight English audio to English text, many transcription companies will employ staff members versed in a variety of languages so translation is usually an (incredibly useful) option. Post production work might also be offered, which is especially import for television work where specific time-codes, logs, musical cues and shot descriptions are generally necessary.

If you’re serious about your work then hiring professional transcribers might be the best decision you ever make. These workers have a number of valuable skills and their fingers can work as fast as their mouths (if not faster). What’s more, their lightning quick work (many companies offer 24 hour turnarounds) will save you countless hours as time is arguably the most important commodity in any business.

About the Author: Pipa Rose is a writer who understands that transcription has now become an essential part of industries such as television production. Television companies use from take 1, transcription services to help them produce professional and informative shows.

Is a Company Softball Team A Good Idea?

CGA-BC Softball Team 2011

If most of us are honest with ourselves, we’d much rather be out with our friends having fun than at work. Even when we like our coworkers, it’s preferable to meet outside of the confines of work. While it’s true that coworkers sometimes find time to hang out away from the office, it’s hard to get everyone together at once. Many companies, however, have solved this issue by starting company softball teams. Workers all over the country get a kick out of participating in these “leagues,” but it’s important to remember that, with everything in life, a little bad always comes with the good.

Benefits of Company Softball Leagues

1) Morale  Some benefits of hosting or being involved in a company softball league are rather obvious. Most people would automatically, and correctly, assume that this practice can increase worker morale. Additionally, a great deal of good publicity can come when the surrounding public recognizes that the company is engaged in enjoyable events. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to frequent an organization that takes the time in life to have fun?

2) Networking  There are, however, a few lesser known benefits that those involved in a softball league can gain. For instance, these gatherings are a great way for employees to meet others to whom they’ve yet to be introduced. Knowing more people in the company is a quick way to get called on for special projects and even potential promotions.

3) Teamwork  Additionally, the company will also benefit because the games will strengthen the relationships between workers and increase their ability to work together. This is really a priceless benefit when it comes to team and worker productivity. Some of the benefits for the employees, however, are even more important than they could imagine.

4) Performer Rewards  Employees who choose to participate will also see benefits if the company ever falls onto difficult times. If employers have to choose a few specific people to let go, they’re much less likely to lay off those who actively made an effort to be part of the company’s social network.

Disadvantages of Company Softball Leagues

1) Behavior Issues  Sadly, there are going to be some disadvantages related to company softball leagues, but most of these issues are related to mistakes and outright misbehavior by those in attendance. Bad sportsmanship, for instance, can ruin the entire atmosphere of the day and turn a fun event into a serious issue. Even worse, if the general public sees an employee act out of line, it will reflect badly on the entire company.

2) Injuries  It’s also a problem when employees become injured during these games. A bit of unfair play or a simple misstep on the field can lead to a serious injury. This is bad for the employee, but it can also be detrimental for the company. Asking a Calabasas or a Charlotte personal injury attorney, you’ll find that laws governing work-related injuries not really “work-related” are complex, and this can lead to serious legal issues for the employer and their injured worker.

3) Compensation Disputes The bigger problem for an employee will arise after they’re injured at the game. They are often entitled to one form of compensation or another, but considering the fact that the injury didn’t actually happen during the course of one’s work duties, it’s likely that an employer will want to avoid paying extensive benefits. This makes it likely that an injured worker will want to get an injury attorney.

It’s a great thing for coworkers to come together and enjoy each other through a bit of outside-of-work competition. Even with the potential hazards of hosting a company softball team, the act itself carries numerous benefits which usually outweigh the potential risks. It’s simply important to have a few ground rules laid out, including sportsmanship and safety issues, to ensure that a company softball game is an enjoyable success.

A recreational athlete, Ann Bailey posts these notes to encourage company team sports, for benefit to both the business and the employee. Working to protect the rights of clients in injury cases, the Charlotte personal injury attorney group, Auger & Auger Attorneys at Law, advises both business owners and workers in all aspects of resolving compensation issues in company sports incidents.

Entertainment Ideas For Corporate Events

If you’re hosting a corporate event in the near future, you may be feeling the pressure of having to be responsible for everyone having fun. If you’re looking for entertainment ideas, though, you’ve come to the right place. Following a few of these tips will guarantee that your event isn’t flat and that everyone’s having a great time with each other. You want to promote conversation and fun, and these ideas should help you do just that.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

1- Leave the Office Behind

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of hosting your event at the office, why not make the event fun by taking the party somewhere fun? You could go to a bowling alley or a local bar so that you can play a couple of games and have a few drinks while you spend time together, which will really help people relax and have fun.

2- Hire a Comedian

If you are staying back at the office, consider bringing some entertainment straight to you. Everyone likes comedy, but you just have to make sure that the comedian you hire has appropriate material that isn’t going to offend anyone in the office. Check out the comic’s act beforehand to make sure that it’s appropriate and then bring him or her in on the night of the event for lots of laughs and fun!

3- Music Always Helps

Live music is always great for helping people relax and filling any awkward silences in conversation. For higher-class events, you can hire a string quartet; but for lower-key affairs there’s nothing wrong with hiring a local cover band. Cover bands are great because they play songs that everyone already knows and loves and the music will really help everyone loosen up and give them something to talk about.

4- Competition in the Park

If you can’t make it to the bowling alley but still want to get out of the office, perhaps you could go to a local park for a game of softball or soccer. Competition is good for team building as well as being a lot of fun, and you can ensure that the physical activity will wake everyone up and get them laughing and talking as you present a great picnic lunch for them afterwards.

5- Spend the Day Volunteering

Another great excuse to get outside and put some physical work in is volunteering. You can team up with local charities and help build a house, feed the homeless, or a variety of other similar activities. Volunteering is also really great for team building and helps your employees develop a sense of pride about themselves, each other and the company.

So there you have it, five ideas that should make your corporate event unforgettable. Not every party has to be spent with all your employees gathered awkwardly around the punch bowl, after all. The goal of these event ideas is to get people moving and talking; to help them feel comfortable and to encourage networking and non-work related socialization, and you can rest assured that they do just that.

About the Author: William is currently blogging for a new jersey corporate events venue. When he is not blogging, he enjoys helping people plan their events and make it as fun as possible.

One For All, And All For The Good Of The Company

When is a company free from employee risk? If you answered anything other than “never,” then you need to think again. Employees present a challenge from the second they begin their careers with your company, and this challenge stays with them until they leave. As an employer, you must do everything within your power to ensure that everyone is treated equally and with respect. Smart employers know that deviating from this philosophy leads to potentially crushing legal action, and they take special care to avoid this road. The following outlines some of the areas in which unfair employee practices can lead to troubling situations.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

HR: The Beginning

Right from the start, you need to ensure that your hiring process applies equally to everyone, regardless of age, race, gender or other classifications. Anyone who applies to your company should meet a streamlined, tier-based process that takes a blind eye to discriminating factors. By using a standardized process, you ensure that someone gets eliminated based on merit rather than potentially litigious factors.


Once you hire, make sure that your salary offering meets competitive rates while staying fair across the board. If you must offer more compensation for hiring someone from an opposing business to entice them to your company, then offer it as a bonus sign-on incentive based on experience rather than other unfair qualifications.

Training & Learning the Ropes

When acclimating to a new work environment, people may feel isolated as a new person. This could lead to potentially threatening behavior and reports. Eliminate this risk by ensuring that employees are treated fairly throughout the entire onboarding and training processes. As with the hiring process, streamline your training and onboarding by providing detailed handbooks at the outset and asking new hires to learn the ropes during off-times. This will allow them to receive paid training without the stress of adjusting to a new social order simultaneously. Ensure that each new hire receives a checklist of tasks and that the supervisor discusses the policies in detail, which will allow a new employee to ask questions in confidence. The same holds true for training. You should always conduct a regulated training process to ensure that every employee who works in the same position receives the same training. This will lead to better productivity and improved morale.


In order to eliminate charges of unjust promotions or raises, you should have a system in place to gauge employee work performance. This system should be designed in an unbiased way and should match the goals of your organization. That way, when you evaluate your employees, everyone receives a rating based on objective measures rather than subjective feelings.


Because you will have a standard system for employee evaluations, discipline will not be cause for legal action. Employees may try to argue that a supervisor is singling them out, but if you have a set standard for counseling, then you have nothing to fear. Bias plays no part in a formalized discipline system. Make sure to involve several managers in the process, as claims of bias are weakened when the proof comes from different, objective sources.

Black and White

What’s the point of having a printed handbook if no one will adhere to its rules? Your business should run on the principle that what’s printed applies universally to everyone, even in tough situations or rare occurrences. For this reason, if your HR staff allows special circumstances to slip through the cracks or fails to uphold the handbook to the letter, then you need to have a serious discussion with them. You cannot be impartial and allow some to get away with things while others follow the rules. Your handbook should be considered the final word on every situation.

Benefits of HRIS & PEO

A human resource information system (HRIS) or professional employer organization (PEO) can further help you to eliminate employee risk in extreme or especially threatening situations. Sometimes, despite standardized procedures, employees make outlandish claims that could cost a company serious trouble. An HR person might know what to do but be momentarily distracted by the severity of the claim. In these cases, having an HRIS or PEO can alleviate some of the burden and allow the HR department to perform its job efficiently and effectively.

About the Author: Rebecca Whiteside. Read more on The Human Resources Blog.

7 Tips For Business Forecasting

Business forecasting is a dynamic part of your business strategy that are done to anticipate the future development of the organization and predict the trends and sales patterns. There are a variety of business forecasting software tools to forecast sales, social network traffic, production etc. Business forecasting is very important for every business in today’s world to analyze the success or failure of a business. Here in this article we will help with 7 useful hints for accurate business forecasting .

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Every business owner should be aware that business forecasting alone cannot guarantee success for your business, but it guides you in the right direction and with your own efforts you have to be prepared for success or failure. One of the main advantages of business forecasting is that it allows to make proper decisions and enables the management to alter the business operation at the right time to make profits. Let us now see the 7 tips for business forecasting.

Tips #1 Know your baseline

Before doing business forecasting for your business in the future, you have to take analyze the current situation. Then you have to record the information like variable expenses, gross margin, interest rates, fixed expenses and operating profit margin. These records of information will help you determine whether your forecasting is realistic or not. Let us consider for example, if your margin jumps up significantly, then you may need to reconsider the assumptions made by you are reasonable or not.

Tips # 2 Analyze Multiple Scenarios

After you’re done with your baselines, you need be ready to calculate your forecast. In this process, you need to determine how much you expect sell and how it will cost you in the given year. In this step you have to keep track of scenarios like staffing levels, advertising, price points and marketing.

Tips # 3 Develop a flexible process

Most of the business organizations make mistakes by just looking at the sales history. So, it’s very important to develop a flexible process as it impossible to perform a single test to track the sales system, product delivery and customer history etc.

Tips # 4 Don’t involve to be too complicated

In business forecasting, you should not involve in a complicated process. Since business forecasting involves a lot of mathematical calculations.

Tips # 5 Use business forecasting softwares

To simplify your business forecasting process you can make use of business marketing softwares available in the market. Since business forecasting software can quickly and easily run the various forecasting models for you.

Tips # 6 Time series Analysis

In time series analysis of business forecasting, to judge the future operation you have to take the historical data and put it into a statistical generator. Since if there is any disruption in the supply chain, it could reduce the sales.

Tips # 7 Budget

Whenever the company begins to slow down, you need to adjust the budget with new data. This adjustment can helpful for your future operations.

The above business forecasting tips will help you determine the future growth of your business and help you to make a good profit.

About the Author: Freddy is a passionate business blogger and works as a provider of cashflow forecast software

A Day in The Life of a Wall Street Trader

If you’re interested in becoming a Wall Street trader, get ready for an action-packed career that’s full of ups and downs. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the job outlook is set to grow by about 15% through the year 2020, which is about as fast as average. Also, although the median salary is just over $70,000 per year, there are significant fluctuations depending on individual success and general market conditions. Keep reading to learn more about what you might do during a typical day of trading on Wall Street.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Getting Ready for the Day

Because you may be trading in international markets, expect to be an early riser, ready to sit at a desk on the trading floor by about 6:30 every morning. On your way to work, you might use a tablet device or smartphone to read the latest versions of financial newspapers, but as soon as the commute is over, it’s time to hit the trading floor.

What Does a Trading Floor Look Like?

If you’ve ever seen news coverage of the trading floor, your impression might be that it’s all about people yelling at each other and hoping that the markets close in a favorable way. Although these high-pressure trading floors do exist, most of them are more low-key. While working as a trader, you’ll probably notice that most trading floors are big rooms filled with rows of long desks.

Watching the Markets

Traders from the same group often sit near each other and spend their time gazing at monitors that chronicle what the markets are doing. Some traders have several monitors so they can minimize the time spent switching between different windows. As you sit down at your desk, you may have five or more monitors to watch throughout the day.

Besides keeping an eye on the monitors that broadcast news about the markets, you’ll also probably access a financial information service called Bloomberg. It’ll tell you about any stocks you’re interested in via real-time information. The prices for securities changes by the second, but Bloomberg has features that allow you to look at how stocks in certain sectors are performing. That’s particularly useful if you’re a trader who specializes in certain industries like technology or energy.

Making the Trades

Some Wall Street traders deal with hundreds of individual stocks on a daily basis. To make things easier, you’ll use a specially designed platform that allows you to place orders quickly and also look at how pending orders are progressing.

What About Breaks?

Most successful Wall Street traders go to great lengths to make sure they don’t miss any important happenings. This means limiting your bathroom breaks so they’re as short as possible and also having lunch brought to your desk by a secretary, so you can wolf it down while still staying informed of developments.

The Close of the Day

Monitoring the markets is a constant necessity, and even if you see some gains, it’s often hard to relax, due to a slight paranoia that things could change in an instant. Around 5 o’clock, your day on the trading floor is done, but if you’re serious about staying competitive, you’ll continue expanding your knowledge about the financial industry even during off-hours.

As you prepare dinner and get ready for bed, any bits of free time might be filled with the same kind of analysis you started your day with and got engrossed in all day on the trading floor, only so you can feel informed when you wake up and do it all over again.

About the Author: Author Jena Daniels blogs for business sites. Interested in combining your interest in trading with a successful business? One option to prepare for your career is to get an mba degree online from Pepperdine.

Team Building Motorcycle Trips: How to Plan Ahead


There are multiple team building exercises that a small business staff can utilize to become a tighter unit, but going on a motorcycle trip is one of the most effective. After all, most people love going on an adventure, and the positive feelings that they develop while they are riding a bike will become associated with all of their co-workers. Additionally, this is a great way to get everyone out of the office so that they can get away from the stress and begin looking at each other as unique individuals.

What is the Best Way to Plan the Trip?

It is easy to plan a group outing by utilizing one of the many online motorcycle trip planners. These comprehensive websites enable you to select the state of your choice so that you can see all of the best options in your targeted area. For example, if you want to take a motorcycle trip in Florida, you will find 33 different routes throughout the state. However, before you begin looking through routes, you should determine how long you want the trip to be. Florida’s routes range from just a couple of miles to loops that will take several days, so it should be easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

How can We Keep Everyone Safe?

Business owners often worry about liability issues, and this might make the idea of going on a motorcycle trip seem intimidating. Instead of letting this get in the way, you should simply take steps to protect the company and each employee. The first step would be to get everyone to sign an agreement that they cannot sue the company if something happens to them during the trip. You can discuss your state’s local laws with a motorcycle accident attorney West Palm Beach to Fort Walton Beach based to ensure that everyone remains compliant. Aside from that, you should make it mandatory for everyone to wear a helmet.

What Should We do if an Accident Happens?

If one or more of the motorcycle riders are involved in an accident, it is important for the entire group to pull over in a safe location. However, if you are on the freeway, it is not a good idea for everyone to stop on the side of the road. Therefore, you should agree in advance that everyone will get off at the next exit and pull into a parking lot until the situation has been resolved. Meanwhile, the supervisor of the group should contact the police immediately, and it is important to write notes about the accident in case someone ends up in court.

Should We Call an Attorney?

If anyone is injured as a result of the accident, it is definitely a good idea to contact a motorcycle injury attorney. This is especially important if the responsible party is not a member of your group. After all, it can be very expensive to pay for the necessary medical assistance, and the injured person’s insurance may not cover everything.

Going on a motorcycle trip with your small business team is a good way to encourage teamwork because it will give everyone a chance to get to know each other outside of the office. As long as you take the proper precautions to keep everyone safe, your group should return from the outing refreshed and with a stronger bond.

As an event planner for a small non-profit business, Ann Bailey offers these tips for a unique road trip and business team building experience. Keeping riders safe, and defending their rights if injured, the Steinger, Iscoe & Green motorcycle accident attorney West Palm Beach based group represents all manner of injury claims for motorcycle enthusiasts in Florida.

Small Business: Shopping Online for Big Savings

As a small business owner, you need to conserve your financial resources as much as possible. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to utilize the Internet to save money on essential supplies and services. In fact, the vast majority of items that an office company uses will be available for a discount online, and most other industries can also find better prices by simply conducting a quick Internet search.

License: Creative Commons image source

Buying in Bulk

Although you can definitely get discounts on every day office supplies by buying them in bulk quantities at a brick and mortar store, you will most likely be able to save even more from an Internet-based retailer. For example, Amazon sells several common items that small businesses need in bulk, and they also offer a subscription service that will enable you to save even more on the supplies that you use on a regular basis. When you factor in the free shipping and the fact that you will avoid spending money for gasoline, it becomes easy to see how much money you can save by buying items in bulk off of the Internet.

Buying in Smaller Quantities

If you are looking for individual items, it is still usually a better idea to shop online. There are several price comparison websites that have been created with the purpose of enabling consumers to quickly find the absolute best price on any given item. Additionally, some of these sites even include local store prices to help you determine if it makes more sense to buy a specific item locally. You can also download an app for your iPhone that will help you compare prices online for items that you are looking at in a store.

Saving with Comparison Sites

Every company needs to have business insurance and you will also need automobile insurance if you have a company vehicle. Although you could simply get a quote from the insurance provider that you use for personal purposes, you will most likely end up spending more money. Instead, you should use sites like to help you gather several quotes from various national and local insurance companies. Once you have all of the quotes, you will be able to compare the pricing and available options to easily determine which policies make the most sense for your company.

Shipping Costs and Transit Times

If you absolutely need an item today, you will need to go to a local store to pick it up. Unfortunately, that purchase is probably going to cost a lot more than it would have online. Therefore, whenever you have time to wait, you should always shop online. Most companies offer free shipping over a specific dollar amount, and expedited shipping options are usually available. Even if you end up paying for shipping, you will still save money in most cases.

Shopping online for the majority of your company’s supplies and essential services is one of the best ways to keep your budget in line. If you are not using online comparison sites, you are wasting money on a daily basis.

About the Author: Researcher Shelby Warden provides this information for small business owners who need to watch their bottom line. Small business owners who go to to compare insurance plans and costs not only get the best online prices, but can even choose a charity to receive a £10 donation when they purchase a policy.


Is Outsourcing Fulfilment Services The Right Choice For Your Business?

Is Outsourcing Fulfilment Services The Right Choice For Your Business?

License: Image author owned
License: Image author owned

Fulfilment Services

Order fulfilment and distribution is the life blood of any business. If orders are not filled quickly and effectively, and distributed fast and without incident, then you can wave goodbye to your customers.  For a number of reasons, many companies find themselves unable to carry out their promotional services in their entirety. Many large businesses, especially multinational enterprises, choose to outsource promotional logistics to help out in promotion of their various products and services.

While outsourcing fulfilment to a dedicated logistics firm obviously incurs some significant initial outlay, it is a cost that a large company can well afford, when the cost of undertaking the promotional service themselves is taken into account. Relieved of the problem of promotional logistics and fulfilment, the sales team is freed up to focus on more important factors such as keeping the sales end of things running smoothly and effectively. It is primarily for this reason that so many larger companies and business entities choose to look for promotional logistics service providers.

What To Look For When Identifying A Fulfilment Service Provider

As the internet age draws on, we find ourselves more and more overwhelmed with information. Every decision is made both easier and harder by the sheer number of options we are presented with when researching a service provider online. It is essential however to devote a bit of time to establishing your fulfilment needs and researching the fulfilment services offered by various companies, identifying the ones which best suit the specific a, individual needs of your company. It may seem arduous to trawl through a lot of providers websites, but getting the choice of service provider right is as crucial to the success of the business as doing the promotion itself.

It is not only the costs attached to undertaking promotional activity yourself that your business is set to save when outsourcing fulfilment services; your company will also be able to redirect the man power and other resources that you would have used on promotional activities to other enterprises. The benefits attached to this decision must be equal or greater to the cost of having to outsource.

Adding value

Promotional activities are often an additional cost to the company and they can only be valued by the contribution they make towards increasing the sales volume and popularity of the products or services. The only way to ensure that the value of the promotion services is felt by the company is by ensuring the service provider delivers quality services that are both timely and very professional. Whether collecting various promotion requirements, delivering customs clearance services, or drop shipping promotional merchandise, the service provider must provide these services with ultimate professionalism.

The challenge then is for the service provider to offer a reliable service of the highest quality, so that your business will retain its customers in a competitive industry. If the service provider fails to consistently exceed expectations then you can quickly begin to seek better service providers or build your own promotional teams from your sales divisions. This puts you as a business owner considering outsourcing fulfilment services in a really strong position, as potential service providers are constantly striving to offer the best service they can in a competitive market. Likewise, of course, fulfilment service providers are assured of customers who will always need promotional services in order to stay relevant in very competitive markets and to retain their market share.

About the Author:Kate Parker is a blogger and SEO writer who has written extensively on order fulfilment. she has written this article on behalf of Vision Logistics.

5 Ways Employers Can Reduce Workers Comp Claims

It is not easy being an employer in today’s economic climate. One of the things compounding the difficulty is the excess of worker’s comp claims. Yet, having too many worker’s comp claims need not derail the company. The following are five ways that employers may reduce worker’s comp claims:

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Employee Hotline

Many times, employees have previously noticed an unsafe situation at work, but have said nothing about it. With a confidential employee hotline in place, the employees will feel comfortable to state an unsafe condition that they have picked up on. This situation can then be quickly and quietly corrected before any accident or claim takes place.

Managerial Presence

When an accident occurs, it is often the case that the employee was engaging in some risk-taking action. If there is a strong managerial presence on the floor, this kind of dangerous activity is less likely to occur. This is due to the natural process of people not wanting to appear off-task in front of their boss.

Frequent Inspections

In any workplace where a high volume of worker’s comp claims have been filed, it is wise to greatly increase the amount of inspections. There should be frequent physical inspections of the premises, complete with checklists and times and dates. The inspector should also have an area on the form where they can write in notes and observations.

Reporting System

It may be fun and productive to have a monthly drawing and provide gift certificates or other incentives to employees. A reporting system can be established for any employee who has reported potential safety situations or innovative solutions. That employee may be entered in the drawing to get the gift certificate. It is far more cost-effective for an employer to provide an incentive for prevention of an accident than to fulfill a worker’s comp claim.

Mandatory Safety Attire

Depending upon the type of work establishment, it may be appropriate to have mandatory uniforms or safety attire. This may include non-skid shoes for slick surfaces, eyewear or other protective gear, as indicated by the industry. Naturally, each industry has individual safety standards. Protective garments, gear and shoe wear can prevent a variety of accidents.

There is hope in today’s economic climate for employers. Worker’s comp claims may be greatly reduced. For one thing, frequent inspections of the physical premises will help. Also, a strong managerial presence on the workroom floor may help to prevent accidents and claims. Finally, a clear reporting system, employee hotline and mandatory safety attire will all serve to decrease the volume of worker’s comp claims. The workplace will become a much safer place to be.

About the Author: The preceding article was contributed by Brian S. from Orlando, FL. If you have been injured because of a workplace safety issue, he recommends WorkFlow Orlando, a highly qualified workers’ compensation clinic who specializes in drug testing Orlando services.