5 Business Presentation Tips

Business presentations are a daily fact of life for many business employees.  Business presentations are usually high stakes events which  can make or break your career.  Here are some tips to help you pull off a successful presentation which will advance your career and earn you bonus points with your boss.

Know your subject matter inside and out – It is important to understand the subject that you are presenting.  Not only will this knowledge help you to create a good presentation because you will understand the key points about your subject, but familiarity can help you to pull off a great presentation.  Think about it – if you know a lot about a subject, you are just able to talk about it quite naturally.  When you know and understand a topic, it shows.

Practice makes perfect, but don’t be TOO perfect – While it is true that you want to practice your presentation in order to do a good job, you do not want to over-practice.  In other words, you don’t want your presentation to come off as rehearsed or make it seem that you just memorized words off a script.

Not only will your audience be bored to tears, but you certainly won’t win anyone over with a lifeless presentation.  Remember to make eye contact with your audience and put a little bit of a “smile” in your speaking voice.

Work out the details before you begin to speak – Make sure that you know what equipment you will be using during your presentation and that you know how each piece of equipment works.  If you have never worked a slide projector before, for example, practice working one before the big event.

Likewise, you need to understand the layout of the room before you begin to speak.  Plan where you audience will sit and where your equipment will be.  Think about how your slides and your presentation will appear to your audience.  For example, will they be able to see the slides and hear what you are saying with ease?

Speak slowly and clearly – Remember to pace your speaking.  You don’t want to speak too fast or too slowly; you want to speak slow enough that your audience can take notes and ask questions if the need arises.  Speak clearly and make sure that your audience can understand what you are saying.

Create a backup plan – Even the best plans sometimes fall short of expectations. Computers may crash and projectors may fail too! Even a suspect criminal might come to your presentation, a person who you might feel comfortable doing a background check on. The best background check service can help you with that, by the way. Anyway, just in case, create a backup plan and decide how you will proceed if your equipment or your audience may create problems during your presentation.  Hopefully, you will never have to use your backup plan, but it is a good idea to be prepared just in case!

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