Is Your Small Business Leaving You with Less Energy?

For small business owners that are counting every penny, how many of them do you think worry about their heating and cooling needs during the year for their offices?

While some may check the thermostat every couple of hours, others are more likely to not be on top of how much air or heat they and their employees are actually wasting. As a result, money is essentially being thrown out the window, money that one can never get back.

Although some business owners may think that it doesn’t take much to heat or cool their buildings during the year, they would probably get quite an awakening if they knew the truth. In a day and age where the economy is still proving a challenge for many, saving money on heating and cooling costs is important.

energy saving tips
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In order to make your office as efficient as possible, keep the following in mind:

1. Check the thermostat – The easiest and most efficient way to save on your office energy bills is by checking the thermostat on a daily basis. Let’s assume you operate a 40-hour per week, 5-day a week office. With that being said, make sure you keep the thermostat at a reasonable level during both hot and cold weather. If the office will sit empty over the weekend, be sure to turn back/turn up (depending on season) the thermostat when leaving at the end of the day Friday so you spend less over the weekend. Two days may not seem like a great deal, but you should notice savings when doing it on a regular basis;

2. Work with the weather – If your office space has a number of sizable windows, make sure you take advantage of the weather to let light in and out. In the warmer months, keep the blinds or other coverings closed during the warmest part of the day to lessen the need for air conditioning. In the cooler months, keep the light coming in as much as possible during the day to decrease the need for heat, letting the sun warm your office space;

3. Review heating and cooling systems – One of the big money grabbers when it comes to your heating and cooling needs is having air conditioners and heaters that do not work properly. Before the start of winter, check the office heater to make sure it is running at full efficiency, along with it being clear of debris and dirt in any vent areas. The same holds true prior to the start of summer with your office air conditioning. If the appliance is only operating at half capacity, you are losing money by the hour;

4. Shop around for providers – While you may be limited on who provides your heating and cooling needs on where your office is located, that doesn’t mean you can’t investigate if there are other affordable options. Also shop around for office heaters, air conditioners, fans, etc. when possible. As more energy-efficient and environment-friendly products hit the market, you could realize additional savings with the right selections;

5. Sell your employees on savings – Finally, your employees can and should be your biggest proponents of saving money in the office. Remember, the more you save on your heating and cooling needs, the more you have to potentially give to them, increase your advertising and marketing budget to bring in more business, and the more the business can grow over time. Getting your employees to go along with a little higher or lower thermostat and not wasting energy helps them out too.

With the New Year right around the corner, are you energetic enough to see where your money is going?

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers small business topics for various websites, including louisville heating and its heating and cooling options.