Home Business for New Parents: How a Play Crib Can Help You Organize

In order to spend more time with their babies and to cut child care costs, parents are opting to do business from home instead of at the office. Working from home with a baby can be challenging, and it requires structure, organization and the right tools.

Home Office needs Playard

The Right Crib

An all-in-one playpen and crib, or playard, can provide the most comfortable and safe setting for your child to nap and play. With a set of built-in toys, your baby can be entertained while you work from home. Toys with noises and melodies, bright colors and plush materials can be soothing and fun. As your child begins to grow, you’ll want to make sure the crib remains a safe environment, and they’re unable to get into dangerous situations by climbing out unnoticed.

A Routine to Enjoy

It may be rough at the beginning to get into a routine as you try to balance work and a new baby. However, as the weeks go on, you’ll be able to establish a more realistic plan for how to spend the day. You’re going to have to practice flexibility, and you may be required to get more work done when your baby naps and after bedtime. If your child is on the floor, you can take the laptop down next to them while they play. It may be fun reading your work out loud to your baby. They won’t understand what you’re saying, but the inflection in your soothing voice with be helpful with their language development.

Portable Baby Carrier

Another way to keep your baby close is with a baby carrier or portable bassinet. Infants are especially comforted when they’re close to a parent during the early stages after birth. A carrier allows you the freedom to work on the computer with your child attached close to your chair.

Age Appropriate Toys

The age appropriate toys in an activity center are designed to keep your baby entertained. The average attention span of an child is figured as three to five minutes per year of the child’s age. Changing activities can be easy when you have the right tools. A bouncy chair mimics a parent’s gentle bounce and comes with a host of activities to keep your baby entertained. Baby mats and activity gyms are just as fun for your child, especially when you add plush toy animals and rattles. Baby swings and playards are also popular with stay at home parents. Make sure to position the equipment so that it not only faces you, but it is close to you and your work station. In addition to making them fun and entertaining for your child, choosing the right toy should also be important to their development and coordination.

The All Important Break

You don’t want your home business environment to be all work and chaos. The advantage to working at home is that you get to spend time with your baby, so you need to make sure you take a few breaks. Taking time out to play or read a story can promote bonding and relieve stress from a busy day.

Making money is important when you set up your business at home. However, it’s just as important to spend quality time and make special memories together too.

A work at home parent, Ann Bailey posts these reminders for new parents in a home-based business. Kids II, an innovative child equipment company, offers the Bright Starts playard activity and safety crib for all parents’ peace of mind about their infant’s health, comfort, inspiration and safety.

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