Take Speech Classes for Better Interviews

Finding a job in this economy can be a hard. A strong resume can get your foot in the door, but almost all employment opportunities will require a face-to-face interview. You will need to develop the communications skills that will give you the edge over the competition. You might want to take speech classes for better interviews.

Speech classes help you create communication habits. Speaking in front of a group can be the number one fear for most people, but tackling that fear will make dealing with an interview much less overwhelming.

Skills You Learn for Interviews from Speech Class

  • Body language – verbal communication is important, but most of the things you say never require a word. Over 90 percent of the communication comes from the tone of the voice and the actions of the body. Impressing in an interview requires strong posture and inviting body language. Speech class will help you to become more comfortable in the art of talking.
  • Confidence – you have to know that you are capable of doing the job and then present that confidence in the interview. Strong posture and a stead voice are two ways that you can make a good impression in the interview process and you will learn both while making presentations for class.
  • Effective communication – speech class teaches you to get your point across to the audience. You learn to make your meaning understood. Feedback from other classmates and from the teacher will prepare you to answer questions in an interview that will make your point well know.
  • Engaging communication – keeping the attention of an audience can be tough. The more you practice your presentation techniques then the more you will learn how to engage the listener. Developing the skills associated with engaging communication will help you come out of the interview remembered by the potential employer for all of the right reasons.
  • Improve techniques – verbal communication may only make up a small percentage of an interview, but it can still be the one element that tips the scale. Speech class will help you develop a stronger voice. It will also make it possible for you to speak in clearer tones. You can also use the class to practice answering questions, if the teacher allows improve opportunities.

Questions to Prepare for in an Interview

1. Tell me about yourself (technically NOT a question, but you should answer with your accomplishments and positive attributes).

2. Why did you leave your last job? (Be honest with your answer, but try to be positive. Never put down your former employer).

3.     Why do you want this job? (Spend some time researching the company and the position. Be ready to answer with what you can bring to the company in the form of skills, experience, education or passion).

4. What is your greatest strength?

5. What is your greatest weakness?

6. What one or two words best describe you, and why?

Getting a job requires more than just a strong resume or even solid work experience. In this economy, a great interview can mean the difference between employment and having to keep looking for that job that you need and want.

Finding ways to improve your presentation skills can be the best way to improve your chances in the interview. Learning how to present a confident and engaging attitude through your answers to the questions can leave the interviewer with positive thoughts of the encounter. Consider taking speech classes for better interview skills and you may be one step closer to landing that job that you have been trying to get.

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