Business On Wheels: Top 3 Mobile Business Ideas

Today one of the fastest growing segments of the business world is the mobile business. They have an excellent history of filling the needs of consumers. There are mobile businesses that do everything from sell ice cream, fast food, provide veterinary care, library books and more. It’s important that when people aren’t able to come to a business, there is a business that will come to them. The need for new mobile businesses is increasing everyday. Here we will discuss in detail the top three mobile businesses.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Starting a Mobile Window Tinting

Today putting tint on windows is something that people have done to their home, office as well as vehicles. It is done to reduce glare and battle the negative effects of direct sunlight. Most people who use a mobile tinting service are willing to pay extra and appreciate a business traveling to them. Once the window tinting products have been purchased and workers are proficient in performing tinting, it’s then important to get customers. Many mobile tinting businesses serve local businesses like car dealerships, repair shops as well as auto detailing businesses and more. It’s important to be listed in business directories and regularly attend trade shows. Maintaining a website with all current contact information and more is also essential.

Starting a Mobile Locksmith Business

A mobile locksmith business provides a person with the opportunity to have a very lucrative income. Because of the nature of being a locksmith, traveling to customers has been part of the locksmith profession for a long time. A mobile locksmith business is designed to enable people to continue with their everyday routines, as their security issues are handled by a qualified professional. A locksmith is able to help people repair lock problems, install and repair keying, manage key control systems and more. They are also able to install simple as well as complicated locking mechanisms. Door locks can be repaired or replaced; electronic security systems can be repaired or installed and more.

One of the most important things for a locksmith is to have all of the proper qualifications. Training and experience are essential when it comes to being a locksmith. Depending on the location, there are a variety of legal requirements a locksmith must meet before being able to do business.

Starting Mobile Car Detailing Business

An auto detailer is an experienced professional who is skilled in cleaning a wide range of makes and models of vehicles. They provide thorough and detailed cleaning at a level most people won’t do themselves. An auto detailer will provide professional cleaning on a vehicle’s interior and exterior. They will provide detailed vacuuming, washing as well as shampooing on the inside. After cleaning the outside it will be waxed, polished and then carefully buffed. They know how to clean various fabrics and other materials. They know the best cleaning products to be used on specific materials for the best results. They can advise their customers on proper cleaning maintenance. There are a few training programs for auto detailers, but most agree it’s best to learn proper techniques from a trained professional.

One of the main things all mobile businesses have in common is the need for a well-maintained vehicle. Regular checks and vehicle maintenance are important aspect of any successful mobile business. As with any company, a mobile business must be registered with all necessary governmental taxing authorities. It’s important for any business to be properly registered and able to collect sales tax before serving customers.

About the Author: Thomas Jay is an avid writer and successful entrepreneur. In his spair time he enjoys working on cars and always recommends GlassClinic.netfor the best prices on mobile auto glass repair and windshield replacement in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and the surrounding areas.

Disability Insurance Requirements for Your Business

It may be difficult to think about what would happen to your business should you or your partner experience something unsavory, but it could happen. Your business depends on you, and your health and an injury or illness could prevent you from earning a paycheck. Protecting your company against any kind of income loss as a result of an accident or sickness can provide you with peace of mind, that’s why disability insurance is a smart choice.

What is Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance can replace a portion of your salary should you become disabled due to an illness or accident. It’s also an excellent safeguard for business owners and partners to help keep their company up and running during this difficult time. Depending on the coverage, you could expect to receive approximately fifty to eighty percent of your gross income. While it’s not the full amount, it’s definitely better than nothing, and it gives an individual an incentive to get back to work. However, whether you can go back to work or not is dependent on the problem or situation. Unfortunately, insurance companies may not always play fair, and you may be denied the benefit of receiving disability rewards. If you had a claim of disability denied, you can seek legal representation to appeal your case.

The Benefits of Disability Insurance

There are numerous benefits to securing your business through disability insurance that includes protecting your assets in case of an unexpected emergency. It can also provide income while you’re unable to work and cover overhead to pay for your lease, rent, taxes, salaries and any expenses related to the operation of the business. Key personnel disability insurance pays money to the business in case the primary business person is unable to work due to an illness or injury. It can also be used to hire a temporary replacement or outsource the individual’s job duties until they are able to work. In the event of death or a permanent injury, buyout insurance coverage will allow the remaining partner to purchase their portion of the business.

Handicapped Parking SignWhat to Look for in a Policy?

In order to keep your premiums to a minimum and to avoid the risk of not being insurable, you want to buy your policy at an early age. It also helps if you purchase something that caters to your specific business needs. Some insurance companies will only take care of certain areas of your employment, while other policies ensure that you have the best possible coverage, so you need to do your research beforehand carefully. Disability insurance can also extend to your employees and coverage can protect them, any personal debt, and the costs necessary to run your business. Guaranteed insurability saves you time since you won’t have to re-qualify for future coverage. You can also lock in your rate with a non-cancellation policy, to keep your premiums and benefits the same.

Disability insurance is a safeguard for business owners who want to protect their well-being along with the company that they’ve worked so hard to establish. It also has a variety of terms and uses, so you need to do some investigative work to ensure that you’re getting the best policy for your company’s specific needs.

Author Anthony Joseph likes to write about different legal and small business topics for people who may be interested. It can be a terrible thing to have your claim of disability denied. The law firm of Marc Whitehead & Associates is fully dedicated to get justice for individuals who have been wrongly denied for their long term disability benefits.

Maintaining Company Culture Remotely

When you have employees working remotely from various different locations, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent company culture. Your company culture is comprised of how each person thinks, makes decisions, works, and communicates – and it can have important ramifications for how productive and satisfied your workers are.

You can maintain your company’s attitude and values remotely by recruiting the right people, communicating effectively, and promoting an inclusive atmosphere for both local and off-site workers.

culture management
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Leading with your culture in your recruitment strategy can ensure that you hire remote workers who hold the same values, goals, work ethic, and attitude as the rest of your company. The more you can ensure that your new hires fit with your culture from the start, the more likely you’ll be able to continue promoting that culture in your relationship with both local and remote employees.

  • Your job listing have to convey not only the position and the requirements of the job, but also information about the company itself and its values. Use your job applicant recruiting software to post listings that sell your company and use language that is appropriate for your company culture.

Look for potential employees who have the right attitude for working from a distance. If you plan to give your remote workers free reign over their projects, look for candidates who excel at time management and self-motivation. Should you desire more day-to-day managerial control, find candidates who are excellent communicators and good at taking direction.

  • Open-ended interview questions that seek to determine what kind of work style and environment the candidate is most comfortable with. Whether the interview takes place in person, over the phone, or through your office’s video conferencing software, it is integral that you assess potential remote employees beyond a resume read-through.
  • Don’t neglect reference checks. Try to get a sense of what kind of values the candidate has and how well those fit with your company.


Communication is key in any business, but it is especially important in one that deals with a mobile or remote workforce. The more closely you communicate with your employees, the better you will be able to maintain the relationship according to your company’s culture and values.

  • Make sure your remote workers have the right communication skills. They should be comfortable using web conferencing, telephone, email, and social media to touch base with their managers.
  • Chat clients – whether cloud-based, located within the email client, or installed on the desktop – help employees communicate more efficiently. They can message their team members or managers instantly in order to ask a quick question or get into a lengthy discussion.


One of the dangers of hiring remote workers is their exclusion, due to location, from their coworkers and the rest of the company. You can increase the inclusiveness of your company by implementing an enterprise social network (known as “Facebook for business”).

  • Employees use the platform as a means of communication inside of and between different departments, helping them to align goals, increase productivity, and promote interdepartmental cooperation and collaboration. Since the discussion is all taking place on the web, it matters little whether the participants are located across the office or across the country.
  • Since all conversations are open, everyone can see what everyone else is working on. Coworkers can provide input and align their own work to fit better with company-wide efforts. Everyone –whether local or remote – feels more tied to the company, its goals, and its culture.

Although it may be difficult to promote your company culture with employees working remotely, the right strategy and tools can make it much easier. Work on hiring employees who have values that align with yours, communicate with them regularly in accordance with those values, and help them feel included with the rest of the company.

About the Author: Megan Webb-Morgan is a business blogger who focuses on startups and small businesses. She writes for lead-generation provider Resource Nation. You can find Resource Nation on Facebook and Twitter!

What Does Your Domain Name Say About You

Designing and publishing a website for your business is an important way to enter the world-wide market and choosing a domain is a critical step to that process. Experts agree that choosing the right name can help the success of your business when it’s to the point and describes what your business does.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the way consumers look for a particular business by typing it into the browser. It can also lead to an individual website via your business link. This small line of text can aid users in navigating the Internet with ease. Imagine if the Internet didn’t use domain names, and you were required to utilize a string of numbers instead to search for a company. Domain names are registered daily and can cost the user between a minimal fee and thousands of dollars depending on the level and value of your search engine. There are many domain names for sale that can be purchased through a Domain Broker.

domainFinding and Being Found

The name that you choose is important and can help you reach your consumer base. Many businesses think up catchy names that have nothing to do with the services or products that they offer. As a business strategy, this makes zero sense and will only lead to confusion and aggravation. Setting up your domain name and website are important steps to a successful business, and you don’t want to change it later on. This could cause you to lose loyal customers and make your company look unprofessional and scattered.

Choosing the Right Name

Select something that showcases your business in the best light and tells them exactly what you do. If your company handles myriad services, focus on the one thing for your domain that you do best. You can easily add additional pages that will outline your other services or products.

Building a Solid Reputation

To ensure your business has a solid business reputation, you’ll want to choose the perfect domain name. In case your business grows and expands in the future, you may want to find something broad based. This allows you to add things down the road. It also gives you a bit more creativity with the actual name. Some well-known online retail establishments have found success with a particular domain, and the name has had nothing to do with the products that they offer. They also offer more than just books and may include DVDs, electronic gear and much more. You can also find success with something specific that targets exactly what you do or sell. Choosing something synonymous with what you do can generate greater search engine optimism and promotes the exact name in the URL window.

Selecting the right domain name is important from the beginning and can help consumers find the goods or services that you offer with ease, and the right amount of accessibility. It’s also imperative that it sends the right message to your customer base, and the image that you want to portray to them. Not only will it help your business achieve success, it will make you stand out from the rest of the competition.

Author Anthony Joseph enjoys writing about new business subjects to help offer information to start up companies. Toby Clements, a self made Domain Broker, is one of the top dealers in the world – creating millions of dollars in sales on a consistent basis. Buying and selling of these names are happening everyday, and knowing which one is best can have a significant impact on how well your business succeeds.

Business Isn’t Always Glamorous

When many of us think of long-term, sustainable profits we may envision a large multinational import-export company or a banking conglomerate generating billions in revenue each year. While these sectors are all indeed vital to the economy and can pull in uncounted millions, an often-times overlooked area that offers the opportunity to produce a steady and dependable income stream is the area of waste management. Let us get a better understanding as to why this industry is one of the most profitable business sectors.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Trash Does Not Disappear

Whether we find ourselves in a booming economy or one where the word “crisis” tops the headlines more often than we would prefer, societies still generate rubbish. Simply because an economic downturn may grip a region does not mean that people are consuming less goods. In fact, there may actually be more trash and junk to collect as individuals and households relocate; leaving massive piles of refuse and goods on the street. Therefore, the fist advantage of junk removal is the simple fact that there will always be business.

Better Usage of Waste Materials

The days of taking a few tons of trash and depositing them in an unsightly landfill are quickly coming to a close. 21st century environmental policies now dictate that much of the waste generated must either be recycled or even used as an alternative source of energy production. Thus, the waste industry has rapidly “gone green”. The main advantage here is that this situation gives junk removal companies the ability to diversify their current operations. This allows waste industries to realise more profits as they now can offer a valuable commodity to other organisations. Many CEOs are highly aware of this, as seen in this article.

Government Subsidies

Another benefit not to be overlooked is the fact that many governments are now providing handsome subsidies to those companies who develop and maintain environmentally-friendly policies. This lower carbon footprint is actively encouraged and industries such as waste management have the ability to take advantage of this extra influx of funds. Also, let us not forget that these more ecologically-aware policies will help protect our environment for generations to come.

Turning Trash into Cash

While these aforementioned benefits are particularly relevant for larger corporations, let us not forget that smaller enterprises can benefit from other aspects of junk removal. Not only can one person’s trash be another person’s treasure (as in the form of antique furniture, copper pipes, etc.) but due to the fact that we live in what has been called a disposable society, older electronic devices are more frequently thrown away. There are many rare-earth metals in this equipment including silver, palladium and even gold. Many smaller disposal companies will actually reprocess these for the metals they contain and turn a considerable profit from what would otherwise be simply known as refuse.

So, it is easy to understand why waster disposal represents a significant income opportunity. Although not the prettiest of industries, the profits that can be generated are quite attractive.

About the Author: John is a freelance business feature writer working with Skip & Bin hire in the UK – a comparison site for waste management services who work with skip hire companies to help promote their best deals when availability is high.

Business Partners: Are You Responsible For Their Ethics?


Friction between business partners is common without a clear delineation of duties. Partners frequently have different ideas as to how to run the business and invest capital. Unfortunately, some businessmen seek to enrich their companies by committing fraud and tax violations. Whether an unwitting business partner is liable for that malfeasance depends upon the circumstances surrounding the people involved, the act, and even the company itself.

Privately-Held Companies and the Mens Rea

A wide array of federal crimes, including tax evasion and false claims made under the False Claims Act, require a certain level of intent to commit the act or knowledge that they were committing the act. Mens rea means “guilty mind” in Latin and is used to denote intent leading to culpability. Strict liability offenses do not require a mens rea, as intent is not required.

This means that individuals are generally not personally liable for the actions of their business partners, as the intent to commit the offense lies with the partner. Such actions can harm the company by resulting in regulatory backlash such as hefty fines. Since many business owners have not only an income interest but have also personally invested in the business, this can be painful to the partner. However, direct regulatory action against the innocent victim is unlikely.

Public Companies and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The matter becomes considerably more complicated if the company is public. Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 after a series of accounting scandals around the turn of the century, most notoriously involving Enron and WorldCom. Sarbanes-Oxley imposed significant requirements upon publicly traded companies, most of which were aimed at ensuring the integrity of the company’s financial reports.

Among other requirements was the mandate for certain executives to certify the company’s periodic financial reports. The executives must certify that the statement contains no misstatements or omissions of any material facts pertaining to the company and its subsidiaries and fairly represents the financial condition of the company and its condition. Executives must also certify that the company has internal controls and that these controls have been audited in the last 90 days.

This means that if one company’s principal officers is involved in an ongoing fraud against the company and the other officers know about it, they are personally liable if they sign off on the corporate financial statements. Penalties range from a $1,000,000 fine to 10 years imprisonment or both per violation. This ensures that the controlling officers at a company cannot misrepresent their company’s financial position, including tax liability, without incurring personal liability.

Blowing the Whistle

Blowing the whistle on ongoing fraud is a personal decision with benefits and detriments. From a financial standpoint, whistleblowing activities aimed at a company in which one has a controlling interest are likely to reduce the value of that company as the government not only demands compensation but also high punitive damages. On the other hand, whistleblowers are generally entitled to a sizeable portion of the funds received from government actions. Additionally, from an ethical standpoint, fraud and misrepresentation are morally reprehensible activities that cost the taxpayers money.

Individuals interested in blowing the whistle on unlawful activity should contact an experienced false claims attorney such as Goldberg Kohn,Ltd. The whistleblowing process usually starts with a qui tam action served upon the Attorney General of the United States. The government will have the opportunity to pursue the claim itself or reject the claim, in which case the plaintiff may pursue it privately. In either case, the plaintiff is entitled to a percentage of the recovery.

No matter the source, federal investigations targeted at a company in which you own a sizeable stake are not fun. A prolonged investigation will take time and if the fraud is big enough, the ensuing regulatory action, lawsuits, and negative publicity against the company can destroy it. However, by failing to take action, executives who mistakenly went into business with a criminal condone such conduct. When a source of liability is discovered, the correct course of action is to stop all illegal activity and seek legal counsel immediately. Anyone who fails to do so may find that a lawsuit for a breach of a fiduciary duty is the least of his or her problems.

A former news journalist, Ann Bailey reports on this issue of ethics and consequences for anyone suspecting their partner of underhandedness. Goldberg Kohn,Ltd is an aggressive legal voice of protection for any client choosing to become a whistleblower to seek right from wrong in their business arena.

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Women Entrepreneurs: Keeping Business Professional on Payday

Payment Processing

Making it in the business world can be very difficult for any small business owner. Unfortunately, many women who own a business experience the additional issue of being taken less seriously than their male counterparts. In order to rise above all of the unfair generalizations about female business owners, it is important to take every step necessary to present yourself in a professional light. Although it is not fair that you might find yourself in a situation where you have to work harder to prove your worth, it is still an unfortunate aspect of life in the business world for many women. Therefore, it is best to accept this disparity for what it is and make sure that you do not inadvertently do anything that exacerbates the issue.

Importance of Payday

Regardless of how small your company is, you need to make sure that you adhere to certain guidelines if you want to be taken seriously as a business owner. For example, it is never acceptable to give your employees cash in lieu of printing paper checks. Even though some people would probably prefer this approach, it will make you look very unprofessional. It is also vital to ensure that you never miss a payday. After all, if your employees are forced to wait for even just one day longer than usual to get paid, the word is going to spread, and it will make you look like you do not have the necessary skills to make it in the business world.

Proper Tax Practices

The most important aspect of payday, besides actually making sure that your employees are paid on time, is to make sure that everyone is taxed correctly. Unfortunately, many companies opt to use an employee who has no previous payroll training as a way to cut costs, and this can lead to huge issues down the line. For example, if your payroll coordinator has not been properly trained, they might make a simple mistake at the beginning of the year that causes every employee to be under-taxed. When tax time comes, your employees will be very upset if they discover that they owe money because their payroll was not properly handled.

External Payroll Companies

If you want to ensure that payroll always goes smoothly, you should strongly consider using an external payroll company. These services will make your company look more professional, and they will also ensure that each employee is taxed correctly. Additionally, payroll companies will have the ability to cut paper checks and offer direct deposit. Most employees prefer to have their money placed into their bank account for them, so the direct deposit option is definitely a nice benefit of working with an external payroll company.

Taking the necessary steps to make sure that each payday happens without any problems is a major component of building a professional image. Therefore, you should definitely place a large emphasis on the payroll process. Working with an external company is a great option to help you meet this goal, especially if you do not have enough room in your budget to hire an experienced payroll coordinator.

A small business owner, Ann Bailey urges hiring payroll companies for any businesses with employees. Deluxe Checks is an outsourced payroll company that takes complete oversight of the payroll process and offers full service for mistake-free paydays.

5 Business Ideas for Shipping Containers

Shipping containers used for transporting goods overseas are an untapped industry for entrepreneurs that wish to take advantage of a green business. These sturdy metal containers, often 100 square feet or more in size, are in abundance at shipyards around the country, ready to be recycled into new products or for new uses. Shipping companies often “retire” these containers after a few uses because of changes import specifications, vendors or customers. Once retired, these containers sit there waiting to be re-purposed, otherwise they just sit and waste away.

Five Novel Business Uses:

Shipping container mallInnovative business owners and developers have found that these shipping containers are perfect for many different types of construction projects. With a little creativity, and a little reconditioning, these containers have been changed into some wonderful structures.

1. Coffee Stand  Starbucks, in an effort to be creative and stand by its environmental policy of being “good citizens to the Earth,” has taken a retired shipping container and changed it into a walk-up coffee stand in an area where they could not put in a stand-alone building. This experiment has been so popular that the company is planning to change many of their stores into this type of building.

2. Shopping Mall  An innovative developer in Michigan thought that these containers could create the perfect eco-friendly shopping mall. Each container is connected by walkways, and each one is an individual store. Of course, you will not see super-sized stores in this mall, but every unit is occupied, and there is no lack of business.

3. Apartments  Another developer in the Michigan area discovered that these containers could be easily changed into micro apartments, perfect for those with limited need for space or limited income. The units meet all health and safety standards and were quickly occupied.

4. Storage Facilities  Developers all over the country have discovered that is is more economical and more environmentally sound to re-purpose these shipping containers into self-storage units than to build these units from scratch. This is an incredible opportunity to save resources while providing a valuable service.

5. Tool Shed  These containers make great personal storage units on your own private property. A business has begun purchasing and refurbishing these shipping containers into personal workshops and tool sheds. Because these items are still considered to be “mobile” structures, many areas will not require special permits to have them on your property and they are not a built-in structure which will produce more taxes on your home.

These are just a few of the most recent uses found for these retired shipping containers. With some imagination, these containers could be re-purposed into any type of business or structure. It is an environmentally friendly type of business that will draw a lot of attention from potential clients due to its uniqueness. What is perhaps the most impressive, however, is that they are very low cost in comparison, and the potential for profit is very high.

Jonathan Billings is a small business entrepreneur and offers this article to share unique and affordable uses of containers typically thought of as only temporary shelters for valuables on job sites and other short-term uses. At  you can either lease a self-contained job site office, or buy several for a cool community project!

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Why Your Internet Business Needs a Human Voice On the Line

office voice for internet businesses

The Internet has brought about many changes to the way a company can conduct business. One of the most significant changes is the change from brick and mortar to laptop offices. A business no longer needs to have a physical presence to conduct business. They can purchase from suppliers, contact remote employees, interact with their customers and ship their products all from their virtual location.

“This seems like the ultimate way to conduct a business!”

In most ways, this statement is true. You have reduced operating expenses, you can work from anywhere and you can produce a product or service with little effort.

However, consumers are starting to grow tired of computer generated customer service. They want to “connect” with a real person when they have a question or an issue. They want to know that the company they are dealing with is “real.” They are becoming disenchanted with live chat options and want to talk to a human being.

Is This The End For Internet Based Businesses?

Of course not, internet businesses are here to stay, they only need to adapt to their consumers. Any business that wishes to meet the needs of their clients will prosper, and Internet based companies can meet this need by investing in a virtual office.

An online solution like a virtual office from  ring central(dot)com provides that personal touch that laptop businesses often lack. They have “real” receptionists to take your calls and interact with your clients. The receptionist will be assigned to your company and you can interact with them as you would an answering service.

This one feature alone can set you apart from other online businesses that only provide online contact. It will also give your company live support for any time of the day, meeting the needs of your clients in different time zones.

Can You Still Keep Operating Expenses Low?

The additional benefits of using a virtual office are that you do not have to rent office space, pay for electricity, or pay employee related expenses. You will not be obligated to pay payroll tax, carry workers compensation insurance, or worry about someone calling off from work. Your virtual office will always be there and operating, increasing your business and profit margin.

The Internet has become a large part of everyday life. More people turn to the Internet now for information, advice, and shopping than ever before. It has become a tool that helps people find what they want, regardless of distance, and make connections with people all over the world.

As much as this technology has helped advance the world, the desire to communicate with a real human still remains. People want to place a voice behind their transaction to make sure that it is real. They want to hear sympathy when they are upset with a product or service, and they want to hear a calm voice when they are angry. By providing a point-of-contact for your clients by using a virtual office, you are providing them with that voice they desire to hear. This will increase your business while still giving you the freedom to operate your Internet based business on your own terms.

A small business operator, Ann Bailey presents these tips for new ways to save and succeed in the office. Having a virtual office from is an easy way to provide all of the old fashioned charm of a typical store front office while only paying for the sleek, new streamlined business model of internet enterprises.

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U.S. Real Estate Investment – Will It Ever Bounce Back?

home-renovation-contractor-Atlanta-GAWhen the U.S. housing market began to crash in 2007, it looked like declining values and foreclosure activity would never end. By 2009, most of the country saw a 34 percent decline in their property values, with some areas seeing drops of 65 percent or more. Every day it seemed as if the news brought only more disastrous coverage of the housing crisis.

Investors were even shying away from purchasing these low priced properties. Why purchase today when values would only drop again tomorrow? This was the sentiment felt by everyone concerning the housing market. However, time heals all market crashes, and there has never been a better time to invest into properties and “flip” them for a profit.

The Trend Started In 2012

In 2012, the housing market began to take a turn for the better. Foreclosures activity, while still high, began to ease, which allowed home values to begin to rise. During 2012, home values increased each month, even if only by a fraction of a percent, creating the best year the market has seen in half a decade.

In fact, the housing industry even contributed to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the nation in 2012, which was a first since 2005.

There are many other factors that are creating a good housing market at this time. Unemployment figures have steadily dropped over the last year and a half, consumer sentiment is on the rise, and interest rates remain low, making purchasing a home even more attractive.

What This Means For The Investor

If you are interested in investing into the distressed properties that still remain on the market, or if you are already a real estate investor, this news should make you happy. Even slight increases in home values means that you can easily purchase a distressed home, complete any necessary renovations, and flip it for a great profit because the market is now moving to benefit the seller.

If you are new to this type of business, you may wish to consider partnering with a cash-for-homes business that will help you learn the tricks of the trade. Why would a company be willing to share this type of information? Simple, because there are more than enough opportunities around that will allow everyone to profit.

Will The Trend Continue?

There are people who may wish to invest in this type of venture but are afraid that they will not be able to turn a profit because home prices are steadily increasing. This is, however, the farthest thing from the truth.

Even though home prices have been steadily increasing over the last 15 months, they are still on average 28 percent below their peak values in 2006. Some areas, such as Florida, Nevada, and parts of California are still 50 percent or more below their 2006 values. This leaves an extraordinary amount of room to generate a profit.

Additionally, there are still over 2 million homes in the Shadow Inventory. The Shadow Inventory are homes that are either severely delinquent in their mortgage payment, somewhere in the process of foreclosure, or have been seized by the lender but not placed on the market for sale. With this amount of property still looming, there will still be pliantly of properties available for investments.

Blogger Brady Sullivan is a tradesman and knows that certain types of updating and improvements actually do help your home sell faster. has been transforming the Metro communities of Phoenix and Portland with high-quality property faceliftss, achieving quicker home sales at higher prices.

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