Women Entrepreneurs: Keeping Business Professional on Payday

Payment Processing

Making it in the business world can be very difficult for any small business owner. Unfortunately, many women who own a business experience the additional issue of being taken less seriously than their male counterparts. In order to rise above all of the unfair generalizations about female business owners, it is important to take every step necessary to present yourself in a professional light. Although it is not fair that you might find yourself in a situation where you have to work harder to prove your worth, it is still an unfortunate aspect of life in the business world for many women. Therefore, it is best to accept this disparity for what it is and make sure that you do not inadvertently do anything that exacerbates the issue.

Importance of Payday

Regardless of how small your company is, you need to make sure that you adhere to certain guidelines if you want to be taken seriously as a business owner. For example, it is never acceptable to give your employees cash in lieu of printing paper checks. Even though some people would probably prefer this approach, it will make you look very unprofessional. It is also vital to ensure that you never miss a payday. After all, if your employees are forced to wait for even just one day longer than usual to get paid, the word is going to spread, and it will make you look like you do not have the necessary skills to make it in the business world.

Proper Tax Practices

The most important aspect of payday, besides actually making sure that your employees are paid on time, is to make sure that everyone is taxed correctly. Unfortunately, many companies opt to use an employee who has no previous payroll training as a way to cut costs, and this can lead to huge issues down the line. For example, if your payroll coordinator has not been properly trained, they might make a simple mistake at the beginning of the year that causes every employee to be under-taxed. When tax time comes, your employees will be very upset if they discover that they owe money because their payroll was not properly handled.

External Payroll Companies

If you want to ensure that payroll always goes smoothly, you should strongly consider using an external payroll company. These services will make your company look more professional, and they will also ensure that each employee is taxed correctly. Additionally, payroll companies will have the ability to cut paper checks and offer direct deposit. Most employees prefer to have their money placed into their bank account for them, so the direct deposit option is definitely a nice benefit of working with an external payroll company.

Taking the necessary steps to make sure that each payday happens without any problems is a major component of building a professional image. Therefore, you should definitely place a large emphasis on the payroll process. Working with an external company is a great option to help you meet this goal, especially if you do not have enough room in your budget to hire an experienced payroll coordinator.

A small business owner, Ann Bailey urges hiring payroll companies for any businesses with employees. Deluxe Checks is an outsourced payroll company that takes complete oversight of the payroll process and offers full service for mistake-free paydays.

Why Your Internet Business Needs a Human Voice On the Line

office voice for internet businesses

The Internet has brought about many changes to the way a company can conduct business. One of the most significant changes is the change from brick and mortar to laptop offices. A business no longer needs to have a physical presence to conduct business. They can purchase from suppliers, contact remote employees, interact with their customers and ship their products all from their virtual location.

“This seems like the ultimate way to conduct a business!”

In most ways, this statement is true. You have reduced operating expenses, you can work from anywhere and you can produce a product or service with little effort.

However, consumers are starting to grow tired of computer generated customer service. They want to “connect” with a real person when they have a question or an issue. They want to know that the company they are dealing with is “real.” They are becoming disenchanted with live chat options and want to talk to a human being.

Is This The End For Internet Based Businesses?

Of course not, internet businesses are here to stay, they only need to adapt to their consumers. Any business that wishes to meet the needs of their clients will prosper, and Internet based companies can meet this need by investing in a virtual office.

An online solution like a virtual office from  ring central(dot)com provides that personal touch that laptop businesses often lack. They have “real” receptionists to take your calls and interact with your clients. The receptionist will be assigned to your company and you can interact with them as you would an answering service.

This one feature alone can set you apart from other online businesses that only provide online contact. It will also give your company live support for any time of the day, meeting the needs of your clients in different time zones.

Can You Still Keep Operating Expenses Low?

The additional benefits of using a virtual office are that you do not have to rent office space, pay for electricity, or pay employee related expenses. You will not be obligated to pay payroll tax, carry workers compensation insurance, or worry about someone calling off from work. Your virtual office will always be there and operating, increasing your business and profit margin.

The Internet has become a large part of everyday life. More people turn to the Internet now for information, advice, and shopping than ever before. It has become a tool that helps people find what they want, regardless of distance, and make connections with people all over the world.

As much as this technology has helped advance the world, the desire to communicate with a real human still remains. People want to place a voice behind their transaction to make sure that it is real. They want to hear sympathy when they are upset with a product or service, and they want to hear a calm voice when they are angry. By providing a point-of-contact for your clients by using a virtual office, you are providing them with that voice they desire to hear. This will increase your business while still giving you the freedom to operate your Internet based business on your own terms.

A small business operator, Ann Bailey presents these tips for new ways to save and succeed in the office. Having a virtual office from ringcentral.com is an easy way to provide all of the old fashioned charm of a typical store front office while only paying for the sleek, new streamlined business model of internet enterprises.

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Use Labeling to Organize Your Entire Office

Use Labeling to Organize Your Entire Office

Even though most companies have been placing an emphasis on reducing the amount of paper that they print and store, there is always going to be a need to keep hard copies of certain documents on-site. However, without the proper filing system, it can become very difficult to access the necessary paperwork in a timely manner. Therefore, it is essential for your business to invest in a proper storage solution, and you will also need to ensure that everything is properly labeled. Additionally, there are several other components of a busy office that should also be labeled to increase productivity.

ArghEasy Labeling Solutions

If you look around your office, you will see a long list of items that would benefit from being labeled, including files, binders, cables, shelving and supplies. After all, any well-organized office will be designed so that a new person could step in without any training and instantly have at least a basic idea of where everything is located. By labeling everything, you can ensure that your employees will be able to complete their daily tasks more quickly, and you will also be providing a more welcoming environment for the newest members of your staff.

In order to make the labeling process go more smoothly, it is a good idea to purchase at least one label maker. Although some companies choose to print labels from a computer or even fill them out by hand, it is much more efficient to utilize the proper tool. Using Image Supply specials on the web, you can have your own multipurpose label maker on-site, where you can easily produce new labels at any time.

Upgrading a Filing System

Most businesses could greatly benefit from a newly organized filing system, and a label maker will be a vital piece of this project. Placing a fresh label on all of your files will make it easy for everyone to select the right one without spending time digging through paperwork to verify their selection. This will also make it easier to comply whenever your company’s files are audited. After all, if the person who conducts the audit is unable to quickly determine which file they are pulling, they are going to need to spend a lot more time on-site, and they are also likely to be influenced by feelings of frustration. Therefore, by making the files more accessible, you will increase your chances of getting a favorable review.

Labeling the Rest of the Office

Although your filing system is the most obvious place to utilize a label maker, there are actually dozens of practical purposes for the item within your office. As previously mentioned, you use your label maker to organize your supply closet by labeling the shelves and even the individual supplies. This is also a good way to make sure that your employees do not take your company’s supplies home with them. Even though they could remove the label, most people will be much less inclined to take that extra step.

If you are not currently using a label maker in your office, it is a good idea to purchase one today. After all, you can use them as part of an overall office upgrade, and they can also be utilized to provide more cohesiveness in your filing cabinet. As an added bonus, this simple organizational tool can produce each label within a few seconds.

Jonathan Billings is a blogging entrepreneur who has created several businesses from his own home office, and consistently streamlines his systems to make them more manageable. There are Image Supply specials online daily, featuring affordable brand name label makers (both guns and printers) to help you get your office under control.
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Smart Scheduling: Tips for Keeping Shift Workers Happy

shift worker schedules

The workday world is a challenge for nearly everyone. Savvy businesses have learned that the key component to a productive and successful workplace is workers that are content. For instance, a high turnover is a sign that some changes need to take place. What makes the situation even more taxing for businesses is how to deal with multiple shifts that workers are often required to accommodate.


The person responsible for shift coverage should take the time to organize the employee schedule efficiently. This includes being aware of work loads and tweaking them as necessary. An already over-worked employee is less likely to be interested in covering certain shifts than those who are well rested and have adequate support while working.

Research competitive benefits to offer in terms of time off. For example, if the company requires that major holidays are covered, provide ways for the employees who volunteer or agree to work to have that time off on other days. Including an extra day off is another tactic that can increase motivation to work those shifts.


Whenever possible, give workers some flexibility. When employees are offered some choices as to which shifts they will work, they can feel more in control of their lives in general. Have discussions with workers to determine what their preferences are. Doing this creates a sense of mutual respect. Therefore, when it is necessary to ask a worker to stay longer or work a different shift, they will more than likely remember how they were accommodated in the past and be more receptive and cooperative.


The best way to get shifts covered in workplaces is to offer incentives. There is a reason that swing shift workers and those working extended hours and on holidays get paid more. Capitalize on this and offer more reasons that may make working these shifts more appealing to workers. For example, in addition to the extra pay, offer the chance to accrue time toward a paid day off. For some workers, the extra pay associated with working undesirable hours is not enough, especially when taxes are factored in. This is where other perks can go a long way for businesses. Below are some other inducements to consider:

a. Ending the workday earlier with full pay
b. Catering lunch, snacks or other meals
c. Special awards for good attitudes
d. Gift cards

Holiday Shifts

Few workers enjoy working over a major holiday. However, for many businesses, those shifts need to be covered in any case. The service industry is one that often needs round the clock shift coverage. Doing something special for those who work on those holidays is easy to do. For instance, drop by the office on that day with a tray full of treats or arrange to take them out to lunch or cater in. This not only gives you a chance to thank workers in person, but it shows that you are thinking about them and want to make it easier for them to get through their work.

Above all, remember that making a connection with workers is what matters most. Companies that take the time to do this find that their workers are far more receptive to change when they know that their hard work and willingness to go the extra mile is being recognized.

Ann Bailey provides these suggestions for any small business shift scheduler. Wheniwork(dot)com is an online vendor of a comprehensive employee schedule program, and brings all of the benefits of a full scheduling department to small businesses with just the click of a mouse.

Include Social Media Marketing Strategy to Boost your Business Visibility

Social media is a viable means of promoting business. Having a social media marketing strategy is the need of the hour if one is to successfully promote any business idea or concept. An inexpensive way of promoting ones endeavors, social media marketing strategy can be incorporated through various social media websites as Facebook, Twitter. LinkedIn, You Tube and Google plus.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Below are listed the ways through which one can use these social media websites to promote their product or service.

Promoting social media marketing strategy through Facebook

Facebook has increased in popularity over the past few years. Use the same to your advantage and set up a business page on Facebook. This way you can not only promote your venture but will be able to communicate with increasing number of people.

Alternatively to give your social media marketing strategy a cutting edge treatment, you can post polls in form of questions on Facebook. As a reference, if your website deals with clothes, you can post questions on the color and texture of the cloth that the customers would want to see in beginning of summers or winters. This way you will be able to connect with the customers on a personal level and increase your professional reach. Connecting with customers is a multi layered step and you need to engage the customers too. Ask them to share pictures of your range of clothes on the Facebook page.

Try the above innovations and you will find it an easy task to incorporate your social media marketing strategy on Facebook.

Promoting social media marketing strategy through Twitter

Your social media marketing strategy will receive a boost if you decide to use Twitter for the same. You can use Twitter to tweet interesting facts on your business venture. Do not forget to provide link to the product page on your website.

You can also use Twitter to send some short tips on how to use the service or product. Alternatively, you can tweet some pictures that relate to your business venture to people who follow you on Twitter.

Promoting social media marketing strategy through You Tube

You Tube is a social video site that is immensely popular with users. Incorporate your social media marketing strategy creatively in this medium too. You can start by creating a You Tube video for your business venture and update the same regularly. Share the same with friends and family and increase its reach.

You can launch a video contest on You Tube. Ask customers to post videos on the way they use your service or product range. This way you will be able to increase the reach of your service . Ask your customers to vote on the best video thus generated. Your social media marketing strategy will receive a big boost if you follow the above listed measures while promoting your ideas on You Tube.

Promoting social media marketing strategy through LinkedIn

Social media marketing strategy can be promoted through LinkedIn. You can start by creating a LinkedIn profile and adding links to your website. You will need to update the profile with new links or information that is of use for your customers. Alternatively, you can join LinkedIn groups that are popular with your customers. You can post comments or some contests on this social media platform and derive benefits from the same.

You can ask your customers and other business associates to refer some recommendations in the related sectors that you are dealing in. Some of your customers might be having business links and the same can be explored for commercial purpose too. Incorporating your social media marketing strategy creatively in LinkedIn will have great advantage for your professional prospects. Try the measures listed above and reap the benefits.

Promoting social media marketing strategy through Google plus

Google plus is a new addition in the social media circle and the same can be used Innovatively to promote your business endeavors. For a start you can create circles in your personal Google plus profile. The same may be created for your customers, vendors or people who have interest in any of your business venture.

You will need to post interesting content on the Google plus profile to connect with your customers in an engaging manner. You can include blog posts, articles, product reviews and announcements about any new endeavors. Alternatively, you can start a Hangout to solicit some feedback from your customers. The same can be used to discuss some new launches or products that might be in the offering.

Make use of these social media websites to promote social media marketing strategy and boost your business interests.

About The Author: Alyssa is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes to Social Cloud.

Your Business Website: Will Clients Like What They Find?

The purpose of a business website is to promote a company in some fashion. Whether a company is selling products or providing services, the site needs to incorporate all of the technical aspects that make it both web-visitor and search-engine friendly. The ability to do this is no small feat. That’s why serious businesses utilize professional web builder and SEO services to ensure that they can receive the best possible results.
Customer Friendly Website Design
Everyone has heard, time and again, that the customer is always right. The way that this is applied to web design is that when people arrive at the site, they need to feel welcomed. If not, just like in a brick and mortar store, they will leave. Added to the challenge is that web visitors are impatient – they simply are not going to stick around if there is nothing worth looking at on the site. Because there is so little time to engage them, every second counts when visitors arrive at a website.

What are Customers Expecting?

First, what are they not expecting? There is nothing more annoying to a web visitor than a poorly designed website. An ugly or outdated site is not fun and it wastes time. Therefore, your website simply must be designed properly – and that is best done by an expert web builder. Secondly, the site must be user friendly. The layout should be clean and simple, with links that make sense and work properly.

Who’s Looking Anyway?

There are generally three types of people who could arrive at a website for any given reason:

1) Random strangers – People who know nothing about the business have landed on the page due to a related search. Theoretically, they could still be converted to customers or refer the site to others they believe would find it useful. Therefore, the site should contain something of value to the average person, if possible, such as current and relevant articles that solve a problem.

2) Friends of Yours – They like your cause or business. These are people who probably know your URL and may visit on a regular basis. To keep these people engaged, there should always be fresh content to lure them in. One great way to accomplish this is by encouraging people to visit the site through a newsletter or membership.

3) Fans – These are more avid web visitors who regularly come to the site for — you guessed it – the same thing that friends come there for and more. These are often consumers who make regular purchases, so it is very important to ensure that they stay loyal.

Do You Have Fresh Content?

The one thing that all three of these types of web visitors have in common is that they want great, fresh content to be inspired for repeat visits. One added bonus about fresh content is that it also makes the website more search engine friendly. So it’s a win-win for everyone! Customers get something of value, the site stays at the top of the search engines and you have far more potential to:
-Keep customers engaged
-Engage new prospects
-Attract new customers
-Make more sales

Because websites are on the Internet and available for most everyone to see, it is important for serious business owners to ensure that their sites present the most accurate and relevant picture of their offerings possible. When a site is is visually appealing and constructed well by a professional SEO company, such as www.eversparkinteractive.com, it is more likely to attract, and keep, all kinds of visitors.

Since there is only one chance to make a first impression – a site really must make those clicks count! Professional web design is the only way that businesses can ensure that their sites will include both technical and marketing best practice techniques. This is absolutely critical in order to consistently gain and keep a loyal following and attract target markets.

As a writer in the arts and business fields, Ann Bailey sees the beneficial effects of good web design daily. The professional web and SEO builders at www.eversparkinteractive.com put every client’s web design on the cutting edge of internet business presence.

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5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A YouTube Channel

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

YouTube has exploded over the last few years, with its increasing amount of users; it has some amazing opportunities for small businesses. YouTube can help increase conversion rates, increase quality traffic, improve branding, and plenty more.

Reason Number One – Increase Your Quality Traffic

Traffic to your website is one of the most important things to focus on when starting a new business. The more people that ends up on your site will ultimately determine the success of your online sales and successful customer transactions. With YouTube, you can place a video that explains your products and services then attach a link for people to click on. If they click on the link, this is going to be a high quality visit because they are already aware of what you offer and are interested in more information on how to obtain it. This benefit can’t be stressed enough because if you can create high quality videos that will keep people interested, then you have a potential market place with millions of people at your fingertips.

Reason Number Two – Might Go Viral

Other people who then share it with their friends can sometimes pick up creating a high quality video. This can be very beneficial because the people that are watching your video already trust the person who provided it, allowing them to already have a good first impression about your business. This also allows your video to be presented to a large amount of other audiences thus increasing your chance at success.

Reason Number Three – Help Your Branding

The way your business is viewed by the public eye is a very important aspect to always be thinking about. If people don’t know your brand, or respect it, then why would they do business with it? By submitting videos to YouTube, you have a chance to present your business the exact way you want your customers to view you as. Even if you make a video that doesn’t include trying to sell your services, you will still be able to have people want to do business with you based off what your video includes.

Reason Number Four – Non-Stop Marketing

Marketing can be a costly and time consuming part of doing business. With YouTube, all you have to do is create a video people will want to watch, and let the side do the rest of the work. It’s an excellent way to get free, non-stop marketing services that doesn’t require much maintenance. Buy YouTube views to ensure that your channel gets its regular dose of viewers.

Reason Number Five – It’s Global as well as Local

Whether your business can cater to global clients or just local ones, YouTube can target an exact audience. Videos that are submitted can be search engine optimized and marketed as well. So if you want to target a certain area of people, then that won’t be too hard to do. YouTube is one of the most used websites in the world, so you have access to an unlimited amount of potential customers. It’s up to you to take advantage and convert them into sales.

About the Author: Karen T. Kelch works as a freelance blogger. She has a passion for blogging and making friends online.

Owning a Piece of the Apple: How Small Businesses Get Started in New York

New York Real Estate

New York City presents a lot of opportunities for small business owners, but it can be daunting to navigate through the world of commercial real estate. Although the city has vacancies just like anywhere else in the country, it also has a higher concentration of new businesses starting every day. Due to this, you will need to be patient and dedicated if you are going to find the perfect place within your price range.

Tips for Finding the Right Place

1) Use a Real Estate or Rental Agent – Whether you are looking for a commercial rental or purchase, it will be much easier to navigate through all of the current listings with the assistance of a professional agent. Not only will they be able to help you avoid looking at places that are not suitable for your new business, but they will also have the inside track on any new properties that become available.

2) Set Flexible Guidelines – In order to find the right place, you definitely need to have guidelines such as the price, general location and size. However, if you are not at least somewhat flexible with your guidelines, it might be impossible to find a location for your business. Therefore, you need to determine what the property absolutely must have and what you are willing to live without.

3) Be Prepared to Move Forward – Even though it is always a good idea to look at multiple options before you commit to something, it is also imperative in New York City to be willing to move quickly. For example, if you are looking for a rental property and you find one that fits all of your guidelines, it would be unwise to leave without filling out an application. In order to do this, you will need to have all of the necessary verification paperwork with you. Keep in mind that a rental application is not a contract, so you will not be locked into anything by simply filling one out.

4) Get Pre-Approved – If you are planning to buy a piece of real estate for your new business, you will want to obtain mortgage pre-approval. By doing this, you will not only know exactly how much money you can spend, but you will also look like a much more viable buyer to the individual or business that is selling the property. In fact, whether you ask a Brooklyn Realtor or a Manhattan real estate lawyer, you’ll hear that some people will not even accept a real estate offer unless a pre-approval letter is attached. Therefore, it is in your best interests to obtain that before you begin seriously looking at your options.

5) Hire a Real Estate Lawyer – There are two main reasons to work with a real estate lawyer in New York City: to review the contract before you sign it and to resolve any disputes that arise after the contract has been signed. By hiring a lawyer who specializes in real estate, you will be able to avoid a lot of the issues that have caused other businesses to fail before they even get a chance to greet their first customer.

Even though it can take a while to find the right place within the city limits, there are definitely prime real estate opportunities available for both buyers and renters. Therefore, you simply need to utilize the tips above and take the time to visit every property that matches up with your guidelines.

Ann Bailey, a business advice contributor, shares this list to help small business owners in their quest for commercial space in New York. The Manhattan real estate lawyer group at Canfield, Madden & Ruggerio LLP has thirty solid years of experience assisting clients in all aspects of business property purchases, leases and dispute resolutions.

5 Top Ways to Advertise Your Business Locally

Marketing is central to the success of any business, but the size of a business substantially affects its ability to reach its customers. Small businesses often have a limited budget for marketing activities and generally confine their marketing activities to advertising. When advertising, all businesses must seek a cost-effective medium that provides a suitable number of exposures to the greatest number of customers for the least amount of money.

This One's Going to Stay Up Here

1. Sponsorship Banners: Promotional sponsorships like vinyl banners can be a valuable tool when advertising to the local community, and are remarkably low cost to produce. Sports programs at local schools will often allow businesses to display these types of advertisement at games in attempt to raise money. Advertising at local academic institutions allows businesses to improve their local community and raise brand awareness at the same time. Local game advertisements allow businesses to target individuals who live within a specific school district and maintain a captive audience for the duration of the sporting event.

2. Direct Mail: Direct mail is one of the most common forms of advertising for local businesses. Direct mail campaigns involve sending advertisements directly to customers in order to communicate the marketing message. Direct mail advertisements have the advantage of being highly customizable in terms of both content and format. Sizing, laminates, length, and even thickness are all variable. Businesses can produce small flyers or send entire catalogs. Unfortunately, direct mail campaigns present problems of clutter, where the recipient is so overwhelmed with marketing messages that any one particular message is likely to be lost. Additionally, many advertisements go directly into the wastebasket, thus losing any repeat exposures that a permanent advertisement might ordinarily provide.

3. Radio Advertising: Radio is a valuable advertising medium for local businesses. Radio advertisements are inexpensive to produce, offer businesses a high reach, can be targeted at listeners of specific programs, and airtime is inexpensive to buy; this results in a low cost per thousand exposures. The limitations of radio include a highly variable reach depending upon the station, the region, and the time of day, and the fact that many people rarely sit and do nothing other than listen to the radio. Listeners are often completing other tasks while listening to the radio, such as driving or working. This reduces comprehension, which necessitates additional exposures.

4. Newspaper and Magazine: Print media is a classic source of advertising. Newspapers and magazines offer businesses the chance to present their advertisement to a highly targeted demographic. Nearly every town has its own paper and every hobby has its own magazine. Businesses can create and place advertisements in such media at a low cost. It is not perfect; the limitations of modern print media include a potentially low circulation and clutter. However, for businesses who can produce eye-catching advertisements and identify publications with a high circulation, print advertisements are worth including in any advertising campaign.

5. Television Presence: Television advertising is highly effective at presenting a message to customers. Unlike most media, television advertisements allow the business to provide both visual and auditory stimuli; even if the viewer is not looking at the television or if the viewer has the television muted, the business can present its brand and its offerings to the potential consumer. Using both auditory and visual stimuli, businesses can present far more information in a television advertisement than they can in other media.

Unfortunately, airtime is expensive relative to newspaper or radio advertising. It is also less precise than other media. Confining the advertisements to a local market is always possible, but if the business specializes in a particularly narrow field, there is no guarantee that the audience is even interested in the products or services. Producing television advertisements is also more challenging than producing other forms of advertising. Creating brand awareness requires a refined touch and businesses with no video experience may be better off hiring an expert, who will usually be expensive.

When advertising a local business, the direct costs are important but targeting is critical. Advertisers must seek out media with a low cost per thousand exposures. These exposures must be aimed at a targeted audience. The advertisement should not blend in with clutter. Finally, the advertisement itself should not be excessively expensive. While every medium has its limitations, local businesses will generally benefit from community-based advertising.

Photocredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/luahiwa/4915540290/



Hosting Your New Business: How to Buy More for Less

When it comes to starting a business, your online presence is a key factor in determining your success. While there are a variety of options available to business owners to have presences on the web, one of the most important is having a dedicated website. Unfortunately, many business owners who are starting out don’t understand what it takes to create and keep a website in cyberspace. Many think that they can simply build a site and then it will magically appear on the Internet. The truth is, however, that after a site is built, it must be hosted.

Web Building


What is Hosting?
Hosting is the process of placing and keeping a website online. A hosting company is one that offers storage space on a server, and the business owner’s website is then hosted from that space. Anytime a visitor accesses the business’ website, a connection is made to the server, and the visitor pulls data from it. These central companies are generally the route that most business owners take when getting their websites online, and most hosting companies offer a variety of options regarding different types of service.


Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting
When choosing an online service, business owners must also decide whether to go with shared or dedicated options. Shared service allows a business owner’s website to be on a server along with other people’s websites. This type of plan is generally less expensive than other options, but it also has its drawbacks. Because someone using shared hosting is sharing a server with other websites, loading speeds may be affected, especially if another site on the server is bringing in a lot of traffic. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, allows a website to be stored on its own server. This type of function is generally more expensive than shared, but it also allows websites to have faster loading times, quicker download speeds and less down time.


Costs to Control
No matter what hosting option you choose to use, it’s important to consider the costs involved. Some plans may start out a few dollars per month, while others may cost hundreds of dollars per month or more. Generally, the cost will be determined by the amount of space your site needs, the amount of visitors your site attracts and the amount of bandwidth your site uses. If you’re concerned about Internet costs for your new business site, you might want to do some research about coupons.


Discounts are available through a variety of avenues like www.hostingcoupons.com, and they can ensure savings on all kinds of web services. In fact, many business owners who are just starting out on the web use coupons to try out various hosting solutions until they find the one that’s right for their business.


When looking for a server solution, it’s also important to find one that will be able to grow with your business. As your business expands, the hope is that you will have more consumers visiting your website over time, and this may mean that you will need to change your web plan in the middle of a contract period. As a precaution, always look for a web provider that is willing to allow you to add on services with time and growth.


Ann Bailey has a small business website and shares these tips to help new site owners make decisions about hosting plans. Coupons available at www.hostingcoupons.com can assist smaller web-based businesses with start-up costs, adding to bottom line savings and business survival rates.