3 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Marketing

All businesses must use a diverse mix of marketing strategies to attract new customers and increase sales. A business doesn’t need to be a big corporate entity though to utilize some of the best cutting edge strategies available with recent technological advancements. Quick response codes are one of those technologies you can take advantage of today!

QR Code
photo credit: Andy Roberts

A QR code is a special barcode that people with smartphones can scan using an app. They are an engagement tool that allows you to attract the public to your business and products/services by sharing in a “scavenger-hunt” fashion facts about your company or industry, such as new product/service or job offerings, latest industry news or upcoming events.

The Look of QR Codes

Gone are the days when a QR code had to be a solid color on a white background. A QR code today can also double as a visually stimulating printed advertisement. Instead of two contrasting colors, your QR codes can be many different colors. Additionally, you can customize a QR code by inserting your logo into the center of it or by designing it to look like your logo. You can also use individual images as tiny blocks that make up the barcode. For example, you might use product images and link to your e-store, or employee pics and link to a video about them. 

The Other Paper Options

It goes without saying that you should have QR codes printed on advertisements and product packaging. You might not have thought though to print QR codes on the back of business cards, receipts, sales slicks and correspondence letters or envelopes. These codes might link to a special message from you thanking customers, discount or details about a future event. If you sell or give away gift tags and wrapping paper, you might print Quick Response codes on them that link to an app that permits the buyer to create a personal message for the gift recipient. 

The QR Code Arts

A QR code on its own already looks like artwork, but you can actually attract more people by creatively presenting codes as artwork. For example, if you sell food products, you might offer new food items shaped like Quick Response codes or print codes on different foodstuffs with edible ink. If your a fashion designer, you might create code-inspired designs on clothes. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you might hang QR codes in frames on the walls or code-shaped objects from the ceilings; or display an entire wall of Quick Response codes. Outside your shop, you might use chalk or painted QR code designs on your building, sidewalk or parking lot, or create QR-code-shaped sculptures. You might even invest in a sculpture that doesn’t look a Quick Response code, but that creates a scannable shadow at a certain time on a sunny day.

Your opportunities to creatively use QR codes are only limited by your imagination, presentation space and budget. Even if you have limited funds, there are numerous low-cost, creative ways to engage the public with QR codes!

About the Author: Amanda Sozak is a car nut who loves to travel and talk about small business. She’s also a regular contributor at www.rittersprinting.com, and loves spending time in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area.

Three Reasons Why Instagram Is Good For Your Business

Instagram is an application for mobile devices that let you take photos and upload them instantly to social networking sites.  This is one of the fastest growing social media networks at this time and it is growing daily.  Many users say that Instagram is addictive and nearly all iPhone and Android users are using it more and more.  The savvy business owner knows that when a social media platform hits these heights that they need to take advantage of it.  The following are just three reasons why Instagram is good for your business and why need to get on board today.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

The Instantaneous Uploads

One of the top reasons for using Instagram is that the uploads are instantaneous so you don’t have to wait to post the pictures.  When you use a digital camera does not offer the instant uploads because you have to attach the camera or media card to a computer in order to upload them.  With Instagram, all you need to do is take the picture, make your edits to the photo or add your filters and you can instantly upload it to all of your social networking sites.  This allows you to share your brand with your viewers and fans immediately.

You can Make Your Brand More Interesting

They main point of using Instagram is to promote your business and your products.  When you take pictures that are interesting to your fans there is a higher chance that they will share and like these photos.  The more likes and shares you get the higher you go into the search engine rankings and that’s never a bad thing.  You can also give your brand a personality that they would lack otherwise and you can also offer your fans candid moments of your employees.  But more than anything, Instagram makes your products and services look cool and everyone likes that.

Get Followers Easily

You cannot post any types of links on Instagram so your followers don’t feel as if they are being advertised to.  It also keeps them from feeling like that are being spammed if they want to follow your business page.  An added benefit to this is that when you are uploading photos that are interesting people are more likely to want to follow you.  You can build your brand presence much easier on this site than other social media network.  You can also associate your Instagram account with other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.  This allows you to upload one picture to all your social media sites that are supported.  Instagram is a great marketing tool if it is used properly and search engines like Google are now targeting these sites for SEO purposes.  You have the ability to make instantaneous uploads of your photos and you can also make your brand more interesting to your followers.  Also, because there are no links allowed, it is much easier to get people to follow you than it would be on other sites. Ryan Leeds has had an interest in social media since he started his blog ten years ago and has been activity writing on the topic.

Increasing small business profit with recession proof marketing plan – top concerns

Sales in small business are usually all that keeps the lifeblood of the entire set up going and hence it’s no big deal to conclude that the marketing plans are nearly the soul of every business strategy making. When the strategy goes wrong – everything goes wrong and when the real damage has been made, there is hardly any ‘good fix’ available for the solution to make a comeback. Though it may seem to be a little boring to some entrepreneurs but they are required to invest some portion of their quality time to develop a market plan that is not just operative but also recession proof.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Marketing plans should be made to ensure business success in the long run but there are various factors that might affect the entire setup and one of them is recession. However, when you know you have taken time to get back to the basics and walked on the path you were expected to, even recession fails to hamper your business productivity. Curious to know what they are? Very quickly, we will tell you about the pointers you should keep in mind while designing your small business marketing plan that would also help you boost your small business profits.

So who is your target market?

This is one of the concerns that may be sounding obviously noticeable but unfortunately not many prefer to have an eye for detail on this one. If you are not thinking on this one at an early stage, you are probably going to spend a lot of your time and energy sometime soon. You are wasting a lot of your budget, time and effort when you are not figuring out your target market. Here are a few more pointers that can help you with this

  • It is always better to design immensely great and effective marketing campaigns which are also designed keeping in mind the much smaller audience than targeting wider audience poorly
  • It is not always possible to offer and be everything for every group or market; it is rather advisable to focus entirely on a smaller section that is your target audience and work in that direction
  • Look for the other businesses in the same sector and find out how and what they are marketing and to whom. You can also join their online communities and learn a few things from them but don’t plainly imitate

How are you going to reach your prospects?

Now when you have explored your target audience, the next obvious concern in line should be – how you are going to get your message delivered to them. A lot of entrepreneurs feel that keeping their active feet on social networking websites is going to serve the purpose completely – this is a prevailing myth! You can choose to focus on your local market first, particularly when you are a local small business. Your presence in some much notable industry trade show should do the needful. A good telecommunication campaign should also be capable of serving the purpose.

You will actually require a good mix of the marketing channels in order to reach to your target market rather than chasing every ‘looks to be promising’ networking channel without identifying your goals.

Are you going to keep your marketing strategy ‘agile’?

This is going to be one of the toughest calls – full of challenges. It is extremely important for you to ensure that your business has adopted agile marketing approach to the strategy in place. Since the modern and the digital marketplace are well known to change at the blink of an eye, it becomes important to position your business in a way such that it is open to marketing strategies. This will ensure that your business remains recession proof which means adaptability is the key.

Make sure that you analyse and also measure your marketing strategy from time to time rather than looking through it after months. Don’t forget that it is equally important to have a good deal of flexibility in your small business marketing plan. This would also help you in smartly adapting to the changing customer requirements and the shifting markets. This would further ensure that your small business can not only generate the desirable leads but is also capable of bringing on the new prospects even during the most unpredictable times! Face the recession and challenge the market with your recession proof strategy and by now you know that it’s possible!

About the Author: Colin Boykins is a passionate blogger and social media addict. He is currently associated with a UK based supplier of platform trucks – Flatbed-Truck.co.uk.

4 Common Mistakes For Social Media Business Promotion

If you have caught onto the fact that social media is an excellent way to promote your business but don’t seem to be hitting the highs just yet, perhaps it is time to readdress your marketing strategy. As with all advertising tools, there is a right way and many wrong ways to approach them. You can do far more harm than good if you steam in head first and pay little heed to good advice. Take a look at this article to see if your methods have mirrored any of these common errors.

License: Image Source
License: Image Source

The Hard Sell

We all know that your social media business page is there for a reason, but try not to overdo it. Your visitors are there because they enjoy the interaction and they just might put some business your way, but only when they are good and ready. If you find that most of your posts are about how great you and your firm are, don’t be surprised if they are rarely answered, if ever. You have to find some middle ground with your Facebook friends and try to make about 75% of your page about fun and interesting topics. The other 25% is plenty for your promotional needs and this will ensure that you still have some people to connect with.

Real Friends?

In real life you are pretty selective about who you choose as friends, you can afford to be a little less fussy on social media but try to avoid falling into the trap of buying friends. There are a number of websites that actually sell fake friends to individuals who have an inferiority complex about their buddy list. These people will bring zero value to your Facebook Fan Page and are probably not even real characters. Give this sad activity a wide berth!

Respond In a Timely Fashion

The name of the game is creating new and interesting connections, hopefully some of these will lead into a business relationship, but only if you treat everyone fairly. If you have answers about your page or your business, show some respect and answer them swiftly. If you ignore your friends they won’t hang around very long and just might turn into your rival’s new customers. Be approachable and always make your buddies feel at home on your Fan Page.

Mix It Up

Don’t spend all of your computer time hovering around your Facebook Fan Page, especially if it is empty for the time being. Socialise and make your presence known on other sites. Send out a few tweets and make new friends. If you spend some time on other profiles, they are more likely to return the favour someday. Try to allot at least ten minutes a day looking at other profiles and similar business pages. You can only improve your standings if you have a good idea of what everyone else is currently talking about. Nobody enjoys spending their time with a wallflower, so make sure you are here there and everywhere, as the Beatles once sang!

Any More?

If you avoid these 4 bloopers, you will increase the chances of making your promotional efforts worthwhile, there are plenty of other ways to alienate your potential customers but most of them are just common sense!

About the Author: Mark Thomas is an employee at CommercialSpaceToronto.com, which is an online portal designed to connect users who are looking for space and commercial real estate services. He enjoys testing his potential and he is very passionate about adventure sports. 

How Google+ Local Can Improve Your Business

When it comes to your business, you are always looking for great way to help it improve. Whether it’s a new product or service, a new marketing campaign or even a new company process, there is always something you can try to make your company more successful.

Creative Commons: Image Source
Creative Commons: Image Source

One of the latest crazes that businesses are implementing is the use of online review sites such asGoogle+ Local. There are many benefits to claiming your business page on different review sites, but claiming your page on Google+ Local can greatly improve your business in the following ways.

It can help you learn what your customers think about your company, products and services.

Knowing what your customers are thinking about your business as a whole as well as your products and services is important to your overall success. When your customers leave a review for your business on Google+ Local, it can help you learn what your company is doing right and what you’re doing wrong. You can then use this information to ensure you continue to provide everything your customers love as well as try and fix the issues your customers don’t love. This will help your company remain successful.

It can help your company’s SEO strategies.

You know that having a successful SEO strategy is important for the success of your online efforts, and claiming your business on Google+ Local will greatly improve your SEO strategies. Having your business page claimed on Google+ Local will allow you to provide additional keywords about your company online. This way, when a search query is performed on your company or on the products or services your company provides, your actual website and your Google+ Local page will appear in the search engine results page (SERP). Now, your customers will be able to visit multiple sites about your business to learn more about what you have to offer, and having multiple sites with strong keywords helps ensure your online efforts are visible.

It can generate traffic to your website.

When you create your profile on Google+ Local, it’s very important that you add a link to your website on the page. You may also want to add a link to your Google+ Local page on your own website. These links provide your web visitors with an easy way to travel between sites, which greatly improves your web traffic on both pages. Plus, linking between each other provides valuable backlinks on both sites, and this is another SEO benefit.

It can generate more business.

Because Google is such a large search engine, most people use it to find the information they’re looking for. Google changed the algorithm it used to perform searches, focusing more on local results instead of general results. Because of this, companies that are using Google+ Local and have a complete profile will end up having their businesses appear in the maps section of the SERP. Since this map shows up at the top of a SERP, it gives your company a better chance of being found and earning business.

Why Your Promotional Flyer Is Going Straight In The Bin – And What You Can Do About It

You have spent a lot of money on a promotional flyer to advertise your business, you have printed it on good quality paper and you have paid a distributor to hand them out all over your city. Unfortunately, as soon as your flyer is pushed through the mail slot of 99% of doors, it will be headed straight to the rubbish bin or recycling box. All of your hard work has gone to waste to create something that will probably only used by your customers to line the bottom of their birdcages.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Why are your promotional flyers destined for the bin? Is there anything you can do about it?

Take a Close Look at Your Flyers – Are They the Best They Can Be?

Take a look at the flyers that you have been distributing and ask yourself whether you can really blame your customers for throwing them away without a second thought. Do they stand out from all of the other advertisements, or are they boring and ordinary? It can be difficult to look at your flyers objectively because you are emotionally invested in your business, but try to look at them from the perspective of someone who has never heard of your company or what you do. Would the flyer pique their interest?

Unfortunately when you are distributing flyers for your business you will have a lot of other promotional mail to compete with. Unless your flyer has a great offer or is very interesting and eye-catching, you can’t really blame most people for recycling it with the pile of other junk mail.

Tips for Improving Your Flyers

The good news is that there are a number of ways you can improve your flyers and make it more likely that your customers will pay attention to them and save them. Here are a few tips to apply to your flyers to help them avoid a one-way trip to the rubbish bin.

  • Make the largest text eye catching. The headline or the largest text on the page should be something that makes the reader look twice. Too many flyers simply state the name of the company, which won’t catch the customer’s interest.
  • Use a large and impactful font for this big headline, which will make it more readable and make it stand out in a pile of papers from across the room.
  • Most of the time, people look at images first and then read text. Use an interesting main graphic or a vibrant colour image to grab the attention of the reader. Make sure that it is obvious how the image is related to the text.
  • Follow up the headline with strong and simple points that outline what you have to offer. Focus on the benefit of your product or service for the customer… what’s in it for them?
  • Avoid too much text. People will get bored reading the flyer and you will lose their interest.
  • Include a call to action at the end. Perhaps you want them to visit your website and sign up, or request a free report, or order a free trial. A leaflet or a flyer with no call to action is a wasted opportunity.
  • Take a random sampling of all of the other common flyers that come through your door. Does your flyer look like every other one? Think about how you can make it stand out, such as using an unusual colour or printing it on a shiny or textured surface.

These are just a few of the main ways that you can make it less likely that your promotional flyer will end up going straight in the bin and instead be read by your potential customers.

About the Author: Paula Whately is a blogger and entrepreneur in London who recently had a new flyer designed for her business. With the new design in flyer distribution, London customers were calling her at a much higher rate than usual.

Old Tricks And Traditional Skills Still Vital To 21st Businesses

You would think, with this being the bright shiny and thoroughly wired 21st Century that the more traditional skills associated with the secretarial world would be thoroughly redundant. However, despite the fact that our lives are dominated by computers, tablets, Smartphone’s and a whole range of peripherals and apps that can be added to them, some traditional skills remain in high demand.  From copy typing to audio typing and transcription services, traditional skills still remain in high demand. The latter, in particular, remains a crucial part of content creation for many industries, from humble minute taking to full scale TV transcriptions. Transcription services today are also an important feature for conference organisers and transcription offers a number of significant advantages.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

The Bigger Picture

Recording and filming any event was, in the past, a difficult task which required a significant number of professionals and an equally large (and cumbersome) amount of equipment. Today any event, from a pop concert to conference can be (and is) recorded on a phone and the film is often uploaded to the web in seconds. However convenient this may seem it does not replace the need for accurate and professional filming or transcription. In large conference centres where a number of speakers may be talking at one time, or where question and answer sessions are part of the presentation, both professional filming and transcription still have significant advantages.  Unlike audio or video files, fully transcribed events offer users a fast look up for significant points and sections. With transcriptions now available digitally, the simple use of the find function can take you straight to the point in a way that no amount of film footage can.

Old Skills and New Methods Combined

Post event publications of transcribed documents have a number of advantages. In terms of web publication, transcription offers a handy SEO tool. The broader the scope of your written content, the more opportunities for lead generation via search engines; again in a way which means that video content alone will not be as beneficial.  Also the more traditional print press, while happy to receive audio or visual material, will often rely on transcribed versions of a presentation or conference to make their own jobs easier and making things easy for journalists means they’ll be able to find time to fit your piece in.

Applied Technology

Although transcription is an old skill, long pre-dating the internet, the technological revolution has made the process of finding reliable transcription services easier and more affordable. Most transcription services operate online and transcribers themselves can be located just about anywhere in the world. This has driven down the costs of professional transcription and can open up opportunities for these services. This means any content you need to promote in overseas markets can be quickly made available in a variety of formats or languages. The process is speeded up to almost light speed thanks to modern technology. This gives modern businesses a greater and faster reach than in the past, making it possible for firms of any size to go global.

New Opportunities

While transcription services offer advantages to a range of industries they offer specific advantages to conference organisers in any field. Post conference transcripts can be marketed alongside podcasts as part of a full package for both attendees needing to refer back to the conference and as a valuable product in their own right to sell to a wider market. Working with a professional and established provider makes sense in this context and planning ahead will also make the process run more smoothly. Contacting a transcription service provider well in advance and involving them in the planning of the event will help you both to create a package that suits your needs which will result in a quick and efficient turnaround on the end product. Despite the massive advances in technology and the opportunities that it has opened up for business it seems that some of the oldest tricks are still the best.

About the Author: Pipa Rose is a freelance writer who has a keen interest in business. While technology has made business presentations and conferences far easier and more accessible for many, she believes that many traditional skills such as transcription services still play a crucial role.

A Day in The Life of a Wall Street Trader

If you’re interested in becoming a Wall Street trader, get ready for an action-packed career that’s full of ups and downs. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the job outlook is set to grow by about 15% through the year 2020, which is about as fast as average. Also, although the median salary is just over $70,000 per year, there are significant fluctuations depending on individual success and general market conditions. Keep reading to learn more about what you might do during a typical day of trading on Wall Street.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Getting Ready for the Day

Because you may be trading in international markets, expect to be an early riser, ready to sit at a desk on the trading floor by about 6:30 every morning. On your way to work, you might use a tablet device or smartphone to read the latest versions of financial newspapers, but as soon as the commute is over, it’s time to hit the trading floor.

What Does a Trading Floor Look Like?

If you’ve ever seen news coverage of the trading floor, your impression might be that it’s all about people yelling at each other and hoping that the markets close in a favorable way. Although these high-pressure trading floors do exist, most of them are more low-key. While working as a trader, you’ll probably notice that most trading floors are big rooms filled with rows of long desks.

Watching the Markets

Traders from the same group often sit near each other and spend their time gazing at monitors that chronicle what the markets are doing. Some traders have several monitors so they can minimize the time spent switching between different windows. As you sit down at your desk, you may have five or more monitors to watch throughout the day.

Besides keeping an eye on the monitors that broadcast news about the markets, you’ll also probably access a financial information service called Bloomberg. It’ll tell you about any stocks you’re interested in via real-time information. The prices for securities changes by the second, but Bloomberg has features that allow you to look at how stocks in certain sectors are performing. That’s particularly useful if you’re a trader who specializes in certain industries like technology or energy.

Making the Trades

Some Wall Street traders deal with hundreds of individual stocks on a daily basis. To make things easier, you’ll use a specially designed platform that allows you to place orders quickly and also look at how pending orders are progressing.

What About Breaks?

Most successful Wall Street traders go to great lengths to make sure they don’t miss any important happenings. This means limiting your bathroom breaks so they’re as short as possible and also having lunch brought to your desk by a secretary, so you can wolf it down while still staying informed of developments.

The Close of the Day

Monitoring the markets is a constant necessity, and even if you see some gains, it’s often hard to relax, due to a slight paranoia that things could change in an instant. Around 5 o’clock, your day on the trading floor is done, but if you’re serious about staying competitive, you’ll continue expanding your knowledge about the financial industry even during off-hours.

As you prepare dinner and get ready for bed, any bits of free time might be filled with the same kind of analysis you started your day with and got engrossed in all day on the trading floor, only so you can feel informed when you wake up and do it all over again.

About the Author: Author Jena Daniels blogs for business sites. Interested in combining your interest in trading with a successful business? One option to prepare for your career is to get an mba degree online from Pepperdine.

BRAND PSYCHOLOGY: Why Psychological Factors Matter

Are you inside the mind of your potential customers? When it comes to branding, you have to be. Think of branding as a Jedi mind trick. In order to do it right, you have to know what to present and how to present it, as well as why it’ll work to get people to convert. Is it easy to do? Of course not! That’s why you need to bring on a team of experienced professionals to handle your branding, logo design or rebranding.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Let’s say your spouse wants you to clean the garage out. You hate doing it. However, it was presented as an offer you can’t refuse. In fact, somehow you were not only convinced to clean out the garage, but sell your old “junk”, as  your spouse calls it, which has dashed your hopes of finishing that long-neglected project tucked away in the corner. How did it happen? That’s the type of magic you need to use to create a logo that will, in many cases, become your brand.

Every detail of your brand and logo design plays a role in its success or demise. That includes colors, design and naming. As your spouse likely did, sit down and plan out how to get what you want. Then, use the professionals to make it happen.

3 factors to remember about branding

There are three main components to remember when it comes to creating your brand. These are the most important factors to consider in terms of the psychological impact it will (or will not) have on your potential customer.

Set the standards

The first thing you need to do is to sit down and design brand standards for your logo design. In other words, you don’t want to walk into a local business print shop and ask them to design a logo for you. That’s not enough. You need to have a well-considered plan that outlines what this brand will do. Consider:

—     What it does and doesn’t tell the customer.
—     What is says about your company.
—     How it describes your service or product.
—     How it represents you.

Having a plan like this helps to give the designer more information about what you actually want and expect from this process.

Get your name right

You may have a company name at this point, but even if you do, reconsider it before you launch into logo design. Think about all of the combinations of your name, how it will be used and any questions it may put in the mind of the customer. What’s your tagline? How do you want people to instantly think of you? If you don’t know, don’t worry. If your budget allows, your logo design team can help you to create both.

Think color

Colors have meaning. When it comes to choosing brand colors, consider the following:

—      Yellows engender optimism.
—      Blues are great for gaining trust and are seen as dependable and strong
—      Reds are excitement inducers, bold and youthful.
—      Purples are seen as creative, wise and imaginative.
—      Pinks are friendly, confident and cheerful.
—      Green conjures thoughts of health, growth and peace.
—      Light colors, including grays and pastels, create calm and balanced emotions.

The factor to remember here is that every component of your brand needs to communicate a message to your audience. For that Jedi mind trick to work, you have to think about the psychological aspects of your brand’s design. That’s why having experts can help.

Your Business Website: Will Clients Like What They Find?

The purpose of a business website is to promote a company in some fashion. Whether a company is selling products or providing services, the site needs to incorporate all of the technical aspects that make it both web-visitor and search-engine friendly. The ability to do this is no small feat. That’s why serious businesses utilize professional web builder and SEO services to ensure that they can receive the best possible results.
Customer Friendly Website Design
Everyone has heard, time and again, that the customer is always right. The way that this is applied to web design is that when people arrive at the site, they need to feel welcomed. If not, just like in a brick and mortar store, they will leave. Added to the challenge is that web visitors are impatient – they simply are not going to stick around if there is nothing worth looking at on the site. Because there is so little time to engage them, every second counts when visitors arrive at a website.

What are Customers Expecting?

First, what are they not expecting? There is nothing more annoying to a web visitor than a poorly designed website. An ugly or outdated site is not fun and it wastes time. Therefore, your website simply must be designed properly – and that is best done by an expert web builder. Secondly, the site must be user friendly. The layout should be clean and simple, with links that make sense and work properly.

Who’s Looking Anyway?

There are generally three types of people who could arrive at a website for any given reason:

1) Random strangers – People who know nothing about the business have landed on the page due to a related search. Theoretically, they could still be converted to customers or refer the site to others they believe would find it useful. Therefore, the site should contain something of value to the average person, if possible, such as current and relevant articles that solve a problem.

2) Friends of Yours – They like your cause or business. These are people who probably know your URL and may visit on a regular basis. To keep these people engaged, there should always be fresh content to lure them in. One great way to accomplish this is by encouraging people to visit the site through a newsletter or membership.

3) Fans – These are more avid web visitors who regularly come to the site for — you guessed it – the same thing that friends come there for and more. These are often consumers who make regular purchases, so it is very important to ensure that they stay loyal.

Do You Have Fresh Content?

The one thing that all three of these types of web visitors have in common is that they want great, fresh content to be inspired for repeat visits. One added bonus about fresh content is that it also makes the website more search engine friendly. So it’s a win-win for everyone! Customers get something of value, the site stays at the top of the search engines and you have far more potential to:
-Keep customers engaged
-Engage new prospects
-Attract new customers
-Make more sales

Because websites are on the Internet and available for most everyone to see, it is important for serious business owners to ensure that their sites present the most accurate and relevant picture of their offerings possible. When a site is is visually appealing and constructed well by a professional SEO company, such as www.eversparkinteractive.com, it is more likely to attract, and keep, all kinds of visitors.

Since there is only one chance to make a first impression – a site really must make those clicks count! Professional web design is the only way that businesses can ensure that their sites will include both technical and marketing best practice techniques. This is absolutely critical in order to consistently gain and keep a loyal following and attract target markets.

As a writer in the arts and business fields, Ann Bailey sees the beneficial effects of good web design daily. The professional web and SEO builders at www.eversparkinteractive.com put every client’s web design on the cutting edge of internet business presence.

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chasingdaisy/5843303770/